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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #51!

It has been an exciting week for us - meeting so many people at the Elite: Dangerous Premiere has given the team a real boost as we move towards 16 December. In this week’s newsletter we take a look at the event.

Beta is now closed, and all early access and crowd-funding backers can now download and play in the 400 billion star systems of the Gamma release!  Gamma 1.02 was released today.

Elite: Dangerous 1.0 will be released on 16th December.  The game’s ever unfolding story starts on the 16 December launch with players participating in a vicious power struggle between the potential heirs to the recently-deceased Emperor, as the Federation and Alliance – the Empire’s rival galactic superpowers – attempt to manipulate the succession battle for their own advantage. Like every story in Elite: Dangerous’ shared galaxy, players will influence the outcome.

There are also only 19 days left to pre-order the game and ge
t The Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition additional content and benefit from the £4.99 discount. Available to buy now.

Everyone who has already pre-ordered the game, or does so from today until the 16 December, can immediately download and play a Single Player Combat Training Demo!

We also announce a time-limited ‘Black Friday’ paint job offer, and a new boxed edition of the game.

Finally, we announce our intention to start an affiliate programme.  This is intended to reward all those who have helped us evangelise the game on YouTube, Twitch and different forums by giving a a percentage of game purchases made to those who send buyers of the game to our store

Contents this week (Click subject to jump forward):

Newsletter Peek of the Week

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Gamma Available Now!

The Gamma build was released to all our backers on 22 November. The Gamma phase is the final stepping stone en route to Elite: Dangerous 1.0 and is open to everyone who helped crowd-fund development via Kickstarter or Frontier’s own website prior to mid-December 2013, as well as all those who took part in Alpha, Premium Beta and Beta.

The Gamma release implements backer’s ‘starting positions’ that were part of the reward tiers, and opens the full 400 Billion star systems of the most advanced virtual representation of the Milky Way galaxy ever created for a videogame.

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Pre-Order and Play now - Single Player Combat Training Demo

We announced on Saturday at the Elite: Dangerous Premiere that as well as the discount and all the extra’s in the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, everyone who pre-orders Elite: Dangerous will, from today, be able practice their flying skills before getting access to the whole game.

The Single Player Combat Training Demo contains seven different scenarios for new Pilots to play now and hone their combat and flying skills before the release of the full game on December 16th.

If you have pre-order the game, to get the Single Player Combat Training Demo login to your account on the store, where there is a download link.

Here is the first of our Pilot Training videos where you will learn the following;

- How to use the scanner
- How to target ships
- How to divert power around systems in your ship
- Basic flight maneuvers including turn rates

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Elite: Dangerous Boxed Edition

We have added a boxed edition of Elite: Dangerous to our store
Anyone who is already playing Gamma or has pre-ordered the digital version of the game can upgrade to receive a boxed copy of Elite: Dangerous on DVD.
There is also a Full Boxed version of the game for new customers to pre-order.
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'Black Friday' Paint Job Offer

This weekend we have some special offers on paint jobs!

From today until Monday all paintjobs will be half price on the store including a new Premium Gold Viper paint job.

We also have a new Cobra pack containing 6 new paint jobs that will be available to all customers free of charge until Monday December 1st.
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Elite: Dangerous iOS Companion App

The Elite: Dangerous iOS companion app is available now as a free download from iTunes. Android and Windows Phone versions will also be made available, with release dates yet to be announced but expected before the end of the year.
The app provided more background information on Elite: Dangerous and gives all Commanders access to starport services, using their game login, where they can look at market data, ship configuration options and access other features and services which will be added over time.
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Elite: Dangerous Affiliate Program

We are pleased to be introducing an Elite: Dangerous affiliate program.

If you have a website or streaming channel and are interested in linking to our store and being rewarded for any resulting direct sales please email us for more information at:

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The Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event

On Saturday we hosted the Elite: Dangerous Premier at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford Cambridgeshire. It was an amazing night for us to have so many people from our community come together in one large aircraft hanger!

The Cobra MkIII made a special appearance and we had a live (nerve racking!) demo featuring for the first time, the capital ship of the Empire, the Majestic Class Interdictor!

Frontier’s 90 minute stream from the Premiere event was hosted by Jessica Chobot and Andy Akinwolere, and can be viewed now on YouTube.

Special thanks goes to; Nvidia who provided the PCs and 4K screens and competition prizes of Geforce GTX Tital graphic cards. Oculus who provided DK2 Oculus Rift headsets for the night and to Redbull who gave us wings and to all our authors for great personal readings of their books!

Thanks you all for your many messages of support:

Jason Bradbury on the Gadget Show
‘#EliteDangerous CobraMkiii waiting in the Duxford, Hangar! Best game reveal I've seen & I've seen quite a few ;)’

BBC Tech Correspondant Rory Cellan-Jones.
‘Excited - about to arrive at #EliteDangerousPremiere’
‘Great that a British game can generate such a buzz #EliteDangerousPremiere’ followed up by lots of videos of the event.

GamesAid Charity Twitter
‘Massive thank you to the @EliteDangerous community for the amazing donation and warm welcome at the #EliteDangerousPremiere on Saturday!’

Allen Stroud - Author
Wow, what a weekend - #EliteDangerousPremiere’

Voos Review
‘We can't wait to tell you all about our evening at the #EliteDangerousPremiere - It was wonderful meeting people & sharing stories.’

@AdeleThackray: Thoroughly enjoyed Frontier Developments' #EliteDangerousPremiere. My first trip to outer space!
@ChiRaxe #EliteDangerousPremiere was utterly amazing! Totally worth the hangover! Gutted it's over! Thanks to all at @frontierdev who made it happen!

@dormantwombat Due thanks to @DavidBraben and everyone at @frontierdev for a fantastic evening at the #EliteDangerousPremiere :)
Deck on Twitter - Many thanks to @IWMDuxford for hosting a fantastic event for the #EliteDangerousPremiere and for @frontierdev for a special game & launch.

Lisa T - Oh my goodness what a party. So much Elite. So awesome. Very wow. #EliteDangerousPremiere
Gregg Bond - Well that's a night I won't soon forget. Great job all round @EliteDangerous for a fantastic #EliteDangerousPremiere
From the forums;

Voyager NL -
'I must say I thouroughly enjoyed the Livestream on Twitch. By far the best professionally produced livestream I've seen for a long long while! It was timed very well and the discussions were very entertaining and varied / diversified. You could notice that the two presenters were informed and genuinely enthousiastic. Kudo's to FD for this one!'

Titus Balls –
Had a great evening - Frontier sure know how to throw a party! Great to meet many of you who came.

Dr Wookie -
What a brilliant, brilliant night. It was so great to meet up with a load of you for the first time; everyone was really friendly. Was nice to get a chance to say hello to Sandro and Michael at the event and to shake DBOBE's hand.

Kipper -
A really good night, one of the highlights had to be the Cobra MkIII exhibit - very well made. Same again next year?
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Comms Chatter

Koshinator on Reddit shows us the up close beauty of in-game nebulae with this amazing collection of shots.
Isinona bumps in to another well-known player NeonRaven – a tense moment leads to an unexpected friendship.
On their latest trip more than 30 commanders turned up for the UGC meet up.
Gnepcoyi sets out for a spot of mining, and gets frustrated when his ship gets scanned one too many times.
Now that Sol is open for exploration, many screenshots of Earth have appeared online,  @Fireytoad took a beautiful picture of Jupiter.
Mephane Seleph stumbles across a Black Hole around Mintaka.
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That’s it for newsletter #51 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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