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Hello Commander,
Welcome to Elite Dangerous Newsletter #106.

This week we're welcoming in the new year with a reminder of the content coming as part of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions, talking through details behind the Elite Dangerous galaxy simulation in Michael Brookes' weekly dev update, showcasing a few brilliant community events from the Imperial Inquisition, catching up with the latest GalNet news, journeying out further than anyone has before with the Distant Worlds Expedition and much more.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, TwitterFacebook, Community Homepageand right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback. 

Contents This Week

Welcome to 3302

Happy new year Commanders - for the first newsletter of 2016 (or 3302), we wanted to remind you of the exciting content coming this year as part of the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions.

With Planetary Landings, you can already touch down on vast planet surfaces, explore uncharted worlds, wing up with fellow Commanders to assault bases, synthesize materials you've discovered on the ground to drastically change up the way you play the game and increase your chances of survival, and much more.

During our Horizons launch livestream we also covered a few of these aspects in more detail. Watch through the video to see Sandy, Adam, Mike Evans, Michael Brookes, and Eddie Symons touch on different elements coming to the game.
Detailed tools will let you alter and tweak every little detail of your look with our Commander creator. You can see a few examples of Commanders we created using an early version of the tool. 
Larger spacecrafts will be able to hold their own short-range fighters to use in offensive and defensive situations. Small, but deadly and agile, combat fighters will be able to launch from your larger ship and reshape the way you play Elite Dangerous. 
The crafting and loot mechanics coming this year will add new value and meaning to every action you take in Elite Dangerous, with a world of customisation options.
Multi-crew will bring a new dimension to combat and ship control in Elite Dangerous. Work with your friends to master the four unique roles and become an unstoppable starship crew. 
From the desk of Michael Brookes,

I hope you all enjoyed a good Christmas and New Year! I managed to complete my journey to Sagittarius A* and am now back in civilised space – I didn’t quite make Elite for it though. For the first dev update of 2016 I shall go into some of the details of the galaxy simulation to help guide the ever increasing number of players backing minor factions. Don’t worry if this is all new to you, I’ll start with the basic concepts and expand from there.

Minor factions are political entities with star systems that vie against each other to control assets within the star system. Assets of a system include starports, outposts, surface ports and surface installations. The strength of a faction’s presence in a system is displayed as their influence level. Influence levels are increased, or reduced by player activity such as completing missions, trading and bounty hunting. Whichever minor faction controls the primary starport for the system is considered the controlling faction for the system.

The minor faction that owns a port will determine the laws for the jurisdiction for that port. This is commonly dictated by the superpower allegiance of the minor faction, and its government type.

Currently there is little direct linkage between minor factions and powers, although powers can influence certain aspects like laws and markets within their dominion and grant state and influence bonuses to allied minor factions. Conversely minor factions that are diametrically opposed to a power make that system more costly to control. This connection between powers and minor factions is something we’d like to strengthen during season 2 and beyond.

There is a cap on the amount a Faction can change in influence per day, which is determined by: the size of population (the bigger the harder), the faction state, the amount of player activity that day, and any Power influence on that system. Influence is calculated on an approximately daily tick.

As well as affecting influence, player actions also drive the state of that system which can include a range of effects from famine through to lockdowns, the following actions have different strength effects on economic states:
Ownership of an asset can change at the conclusion of one of the following states:

Civil War

These conflict states take priority over economic states and are triggered by the factions’ influence level relative to other factions in the system. Conflicts cannot end before their minimum duration. Conflicts that reach their maximum duration are considered to end in a ceasefire, and no assets change owners. A faction can only take part in a single conflict, no matter how many systems they are present in.

Player activities shown in the Actions Table above, and through related missions, push the faction towards and away from economic states by adding points to pools.  Once the pool is large enough it will queue the state with a countdown after which the event will trigger, assuming it has the largest pool.

State Flow 
When a state triggers, all other economic state pools are reset to 0 apart from Outbreak and Famine which are halved, unless it is Famine or outbreak when they are all reduced to 0.

All States have a countdown before they trigger, a minimum and maximum duration, and a cool down before which the state cannot occur again, even if it has been interrupted.
When certain states are active, they can modify which player activities can affect the faction’s influence:
States also modify the “wealth”, “security”,  “development level” and “Standard of living” stats if the faction controls a star system. The prices and production of certain market goods are also affected when economic and conflict states are active.
There’s still quite a lot we want to do to develop the socio-economic simulation further. Better population modelling and effects is one major addition we’ve discussed. There’s also a desire for greater feedback for the player in their interactions and in the longer term, we are looking at automated colonisation and lots, lots more!

For fun here are the minor factions who are currently present in 8 or more star systems:
Sirius Corporation
Kalkinja Blue Brothers
Alioth Independents
League of Amemait
Sanuma Gold Dynamic
Purple Natural Incorporated
Noblemen of Rikbakara
Innocent Cult of Syntes
Dukes of Jotun
The Dukes of Mikunn
People's Kurukujiali Confederacy
Liu Behueno Empire Party
Monarchy of Kedones
Ayorente Independent Union
Crom Silver Boys
i Bootis Democrats
Imen Coordinated
Workers of Fan Gong Partnership
Kaurareg Silver Public Corp
Noblemen of Tacare
Defence Force of Wheemehimo
HIP 95973 Advanced Ltd
Attada Posse
Luyten 347-14 Prison Colony
HIP 2452 Prison Colony
Taoshan Crimson Ring
HIP 2327 Prison Colony
United Allo Free
HIP 84696 Systems
Gogonir Corp.

Will one of these minor factions become a power over the coming months? :-)

The Danger Zone - Episode 3: The Comeback

Join us on Tuesday January 12 for episode three of The Danger Zone, on our official YouTube channel at 7PM GMT.

For the first stream back after the holiday break, we'll be jumping right back in to the deep end with another CQC livestream. Come and see if CJ can make a comeback after his last valiant efforts against his community opponents, and be in for the chance of winning prizes if you manage to emerge victorious in the Close Quarters Combat Arena. 

The CQC tournament is coming this year, and the stream will run as a reminder for all of those that want to get involved about what we have planned for the tournament.

Educating Ed Episode 8 - The Imperial Inquisition

Feeling refreshed after the holiday break, the Galactic Intern is ready to jump back in to the cockpit of 'The Intern Ship' and learn the ropes of another prominent community group.

In the next episode, broadcast live on our official YouTube channel on Thursday January 14 at 7PM GMT, the Galactic Intern will join the Imperial Inquisition for Fight Night.

"It has come to the attention of The Imperial Inquisition that you have been endeavoring to improve your abilities as a commander, whilst promoting factions such as ourselves through your “educating ed” GalNet series. In regard to this, Mavia Kain and The Lord Inquisitor’s of The Imperial Inquisition would like to invite you to our weekly duelling practice event, which we call Fight Night.

You will be required to attend Dalgarno Station in Kamchadals, in an Imperial Eagle at 7pm sharp on Thursday 14th January 3302. We will be providing you with 4-5 opponents throughout the night of varying skill levels. These fights will allow you to develop necessary fighting skills, which may keep you alive in the void.

We eagerly await your response, 

CMDR DJTruthsayer, Lord Inquisitor, The Imperial Inquisition."

Store Spotlight

Back by popular demand, the Elite Dangerous beanies originally sold out in almost no time at all. They've been back in our store since Wednesday, so make sure you pick one up before they fly off the digital shelves again!

Distant Worlds

On January 14 at 8PM GMT, more than 500 people are beginning a huge expedition across the Elite Dangerous galaxy codenamed Distant Worlds, with the aim of surveying and exploring as many worlds as possible at key locations along the way.

You can see the trailer for the massive event below. Keep reading to learn how you can get involved, and the reason behind the epic trip.
CMDR Erimus, one of the organisers of the expedition explains the story behind the expedition in the forum post you can read below:

"On December 16th 3300, the day Elite Dangerous was officially released, a long ranged Asp Explorer, the DSS Beagle, left the Pallaeni star system to begin the first recorded galactic crossing.

Codenamed 'Distant Suns' the expedition was recorded in a 12-series video log. The mission was to travel to the far side of the galaxy via the galactic core, mapping and documenting all major discoveries made along the way.

Some 5 weeks later, on January 18th 3301, DSS Beagle reached a star system on the edge of the far galactic rim, 65,279 LYs from Sol. The system (CEECKIA ZQ-L C24-0) subsequently became known as 'Beagle Point'. It marked the end of the line of the Distant Suns expedition.

One year later, in January 3302, the DSS Beagle is to be recommissioned and given a new mission.

Codenamed 'Distant Worlds', this new expedition will task all its participants to travel a route that will roughly follow the original path taken by the Beagle last year, this time with the added task of surveying and exploring as many worlds as possible at key locations along the way."

Dr Kaii is also well-known for his Deep Space Surveys series of documentary-style videos about deep space exploration. Click the image below to watch the series. 

Imperial Inquisition Events

As the name suggests, the Imperial Inquisition are a group of die-hard supporters of the Empire. The Imperial Inquisition focus their efforts on arranging events with the simple aim of having a good time. You can visit their website to learn about all the events they hold, or join us for the Educating Ed livestream next week to meet them and learn all about their group. Read on for a description of the events they have lined up in the coming weeks.
"The Hunter Games

The Imperial Inquisition’s premier event, The Hunter Games is a 20 Commander challenge, fighting each other in Viper MKIIIs. The commanders will face a plethora of challenges and threats throughout the event, and that’s just what the arena will throw at them, with every other commander looking for an opportunity to improve their chances of being the last commander alive. Alliances are formed and broken as the situation changes and the audience have the ability to help or hinder the contestants, through either charitable donations during our charity events, or by watching to build up points you can spend during the non charity events. 

We are always looking for contestants and volunteers, so if you want to take part please contact us 

Friday Night Fight Night

PvP happens every Friday night at Dalgarno Station, Kamchadals, every Friday night from 10pm GMT until 6am GMT - starting live on and then continuing from midnight on 

We use smaller ships to keep rebuy low, and all fights are organised. One commander will challenge another. After a challenge has been accepted the two commanders line up belly to belly, and a referee will count the fight in from 3. After the count is finished the two fighters will boost away. Upon boosting the fight has begun and will end with the destruction of one commander or the other. 

So if you’d like to join the Imperial Inquisition for some fun, salt free PvP then join feel free to join us on Friday!

The Top Gun Tournament

We hold the top gun tournament once a month and aim for it become the premier PvP competition in Elite: Dangerous. We will be offering a monthly prize of 100 million credits, along with the title of “Top Gun” for the month.

Fights will be one on one and we will be refereeing all fights. Any commander that attempts to avoid combat for more than a minute will be disqualified.  

A different ship will be used each month, with free choice on builds. Please contact us through our teamspeak, or any of our streams."

Comms Chatter

Over the holidays, resident sock meister /u/tfaddy had a little shipment come in from us here at Frontier. What could it be?!

CMDR Edgar Starwalker pinged us about an interesting feature in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Have a look at this planet, with a gulch that is prime for racing ships!

CMDR Solamore learned today that you can harvest materials from your ship from a planets surface! Check out their short imgur album here...

CMDR Paulo Becker posted to /r/EliteDangerous this week regarding Horizons... stating "Horizons was worth every penny". Take a look at a picture that they stitched together here! It's a big place out there, have you found your place in the stars?

Over the past few days, private military contractors the Diamond Frogs have been hard at work on Operation: Mistle Toad, a concentrated effort to deliver personal gifts to the Santa Muerte system. A notable highlight of the campaign came when DF Commander Doot stopped by in an Imperial Cutter packed to the gills with 704 tonnes of personal gifts...twice! Just a day before the planned close of the event, the combined efforts of the Diamond Frogs and other pilots resulted in a final tally of 250,000 tonnes of personal gifts. Moreover, the event organisers announced they have launched an initiative to give new members of the Pilots Federation a brand-new Faulcon DeLacey Viper Mk IV. This is in addition to a substantial cash reward for those who helped brighten up the season, to the tune of up to 100 million credits for the top 5% of contributors. 'Disc' Commander Felix Dyson, Radio Skvortsov.

Having received a deluge of deliveries, Independent Cherets Labour has announced that its recent appeal for Anduliga Fireworks has been successful. Central to the success of the appeal were the scores of independent combat pilots who kept the spaceways of Cherets clear, and ensured those delivering fireworks to Bucky Hub could do so safely. A spokesperson for Independent Cherets Labour expressed satisfaction at the outcome: "It's always heartening to see the galactic community come together, especially when it's in the service of a really big party. We'd like to extend our gratitude to all those who delivered fireworks to us here at Bucky Hub, and who took care of the agitators clogging up the spaceways. Thanks to you, 3302 is going to start with a really big bang!"

Recent news that Obsidian Orbital had joined the list of malfunctioning starports caused dismay among the galactic community, as the public had played a significant role in the station's construction, but it seems that personnel at the starport are determined to keep it running. A member of the station's technical team released a brief statement to the media: "The problems at the station have worsened over the past few weeks, but we're determined that Obsidian Orbital won't close. We're working around the clock, and burning through resources, but so far we haven't had to suspend any services." Despite this achievement, station personnel stressed they had not found a solution to the technological 'plague' blighting the galaxy, which continues to affect starports throughout inhabited space.
That’s it for Newsletter #105. As always, if there's anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or if you'd like to ask a question, then please contact us at

Click for the latest Game Manual, Quickstart Guide and Pilot Training Videos. Visit our Support team here and read our previous newsletters here.

Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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