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Hi Jean Reahard,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #57!

This week we released Elite: Dangerous 1.04, the latest in our ongoing series of 'tweaks & fixes' versions which are continually improving the game. 1.04 has, amongst other things, improved player aggregation on servers to allow you to meet each other even more frequently.

We also have news for you about upcoming significant feature & content updates, starting with multi-player 'Wings' and additional ships, and well as the forthcoming Mac version of the game.

This week has seen exciting exoplanet news from the Kepler telescope, which has confirmed new Earth-like exoplanets that we have in-game. Some Commanders have already visited them!

Finally, there is now another way to keep up to date with the ever-unfolding Elite: Dangerous story - we have an RSS feed!

 Contents this week (Click subject to jump forward):

Newsletter Peek Of The Week

Fer-de-Lance (Concept Art)

Development Update

The full development team is now back refreshed after the holidays, and have hit the ground running.

There are exciting times ahead, which of course we will keep you fully updated on via our newsletters as we are ready to talk about things. 
We plan to continue with our collaborative approach to development, using Beta tests wherever appropriate to make sure we can get your valued feedback.

We’re proud of the fantastic game that we released before Christmas, and as we have said we intend to keep growing and developing it.

To make this happen we’re expanding the team working on the game so that we can maintain a regular schedule of updates as well as working on the paid expansions.

The regular updates won’t just be the ongoing fixes and tweaking we’ve provided since release - we will also add new features and content for all.

The first examples of this, that we already talked about last year, are 'Wings' and associated
multiplayer features and additional ships.
Regarding Elite: Dangerous on Mac, as you know we have been working on putting the native Mac version of the game together and, as expected, this should enter Beta in about three months time. As the specific Beta date for this is firmed up we’ll keep you updated.

We look forward to continuing the Elite: Dangerous journey with you throughout 2015!

Kepler 438b and Kepler 442b Exoplanets

There was exciting news this week that the Kepler telescope has inferred the existence of yet more new exoplanets from the 'transits' as they orbit in front of their stars.

Click here for the BBC report.

Kepler 438b and Kepler 442b are currently leading candidates for 'most Earth-like' planets yet found.

If you (or the astronomers) want to go visit them and explore the rest of the planets in the systems (the ones that Kepler can't 'see' as they don't happen to transit in front of the star), they are of course both in Elite: Dangerous.
Kepler 438b
Kepler's 'hall of fame' expands to eight small, habitable-zone exoplanets. Source: BBC
Kepler 442b and it's star

Galnet Update

As promised, we have created an RSS feed for the GalNet news that appears in-game. It is available here. It will keep you up-to-date on in-game stories, even whilst on the move!

A quick overview of the past weeks developments follows:

Dulos has joined Sanna's bid to leave the Federation, putting more pressure on President Halsey that Shadow President Hudson has been quick to exploit.  Imperial Senator Patreus has of course welcomed the move.

In the ongoing war that Patreus declared on Durius, support from Commanders seem to be now swinging behind him, promoting a plea for assistance from Durius' government.

Onionhead prices have soared in Federal systems in response to the ongoing publicity surrounding the controversy, much to the anger of the Federation hierarchy.

Another slave rebellion has broken out in the Ongkuma system. Senator Torval has sent two of her Majestic class Interdictors in response to the civil war there, and Commanders seem once again to be siding with the Imperial slaver.  The rebellion would be grateful for your assistance, Commanders!

Federal warships have now arrived in the Luluwala system, cranking up tensions with the Empire - and the prospect of even more combat bonds!

You can catch up on all the news outside the game on our website.
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Comms Chatter

Tim Buckley from CTRL+ALT+DEL created this great comic strip piece. Click on the image below to see the rest.
Look who CMDR Caec stumbled across....
Also on Reddit, Ameal told us this account of 'The Most Fun I've Had So Far Playing Elite: Dangerous' -

'So tonight i decided to try something new. I left Bloch station and set off to 78 Ursae Majoris. This time to do piracy. There are several difficulties with piracy. First of all you need to find and appropriate target, then complete your interdiction. Then type your intention to the other player as quickly as possible. Usually just telling them to stop. If they don't, start firing until they do.

This leads to three different outcomes. Some choose to fight (usually the cobras), some choose to submit and surrender completely (Lakon Type 6), and others choose to stall you until they can boost away and release all kinds of defensive counter measures.

I accidentally ended up interdicting the same guy twice in an hour. He was extremely compliant the first time, handing over 20 of his hard earned gold. The second time i let him keep everything. Don't milk the cow dry. To my surprise though, he offered to hire me as his body guard. I was promised payment, and accepted. Unfortunately, after accepting his friend request, I was unable to send or receive messages from him. So i continues the piracy.

One guy though ended up exploding after having tried to flee the scene with what i remember as the departing words of "f**ck you" (this might not have been his words, but certainly were the words of one of my victims). Nevertheless, this guy had friends. And after an hour, i got chain interdicted by three different people. I managed to get away, but staying in supercruise got totally unbearable. I landed at the Alliance controlled station, and when i got out I had 2 ASPs waiting for me with the message that i attacked the wrong guy today. On my sensords i Could see another one faproaching, also in an ASP. The message was clear; leave the system, or be forced to leave the system.

What followed was an insane cat and mouse game. I managed to escape the station, get out in supercruise and land at the Fed controlled station to hand in a bounty. I didn't want to die without having it turned in. When getting out in supercruise again, my radar had 3 Players in supercruise hunting me. 2 of them in ASPs and the last in a Cobra. After a lot of interdictions and escapes, involving one of them interdicting and the others joining in to aid in the fight before boosting out to supercruise again. i found myself outside of supercruise facing the cobra. But this time alone. I took his health to around 30% and told him I'd let him live. That overly brave/crazy guy wanted to keep on fighting. I decided there was too much bloodshed. My intention was never to kill. Only to do some clean professional pirating. I told him I'd stop pirating the system.

As a pirate, you piss off a lot of people. But wow what a change it is from the single player feel I've had earlier. This was all player driven. Guys coming together to chase away pirates from the system. The victim of piracy actually hiring the pirate as his bodyguard, interactions with all kinds of people for good and for worse. A big thank you to all of you that participated in making this gaming experience even greater than before. And to those who lost their cargo, and to those who lost their ships, It's only business.

Fly safe Commanders
Event Update - We will be attending PAX South in San Antonio, Texas at the end of this month. Earlier in the week we did a shoutout for Ambassadors to help us at this event - these Ambassadors have now been chosen! We hope to see many Commanders at PAX South!
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