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Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter #119.

This week we're congratulating the Distant Worlds Expedition on their arrival, showcasing some of the brilliant community content, catching up with the latest GalNet news, telling you about future newsletter plans and much more.

As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our ForumsTwitterFacebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback. 

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Next Week's Newsletter

Next week, the newsletter will be hosted on the Elite Dangerous Community Site rather than sent directly into your email inboxes. This is to allow us to move over to a new email service, and improve how we get the right news, information and Elite Dangerous deals directly to you! We'll let you know exactly when the newsletter has gone live, on our Twitter account, Facebook page and on the forum, so you don't have to worry about missing out.

In the coming week's you'll be receiving emails about The Engineers, other game announcements, unique offers, and more which will come from a different address to the past Newsletters. They will be clearly identifiable as from Elite Dangerous but do look out for them as they may contain some extra surprises! 

We'll be asking for your feedback too, so we can shape the newsletter and tailor it so it's more suited to your interests. We understand you've been waiting with bated breath for more news on The Engineers and we can't wait to share with you all that will be coming in the second major expansion of Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Once we have completed the migration,  the Newsletter will arrive in your inbox as usual, you don't have to do anything at all to make sure you receive it.

Thankyou Commanders! Enjoy the rest of this week's newsletter, and thanks for joining us on this journey of galactic proportions this far!

Video Spotlight

The Elite Racers have announced their Horizons Series of races. The above image is taken from one of their promo videos made by MrSenseofReason and showcases some of the fast-paced action this Community Group hopes to enact on the planet surfaces. 

You can find out much more, including how to get signed up to take part, by visiting the Elite Racers subreddit
Pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass today for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

Horizons Highlights - The Distant Worlds Special

After three months of jumping, 23 waypoints (and countless other unofficial meetings), and an average of 40 hours in-game time, The Distant Worlds Expedition have finally arrived at their destination, Beagle Point. More than 450 Commanders have arrived at Beagle Point already, with more on their way. Here are some of the highlights from the week. 
To celebrate their arrival, 34 Commanders arranged a flyby more than 65,000 Light Years from home
You've made it 65,000 LY away from home? What better to do, than to take part in a destruction derby on top of a plateau...  

There's also this fun little Gif, done of a later destruction derby. It's hard to take your eyes off this one.
Congratulations to Commanders Jonathan and Elina Thal who were married in-game on Thursday night and chose Beagle Point for their special day. Those invited created a wonderful scene, and made the first ever Elite Dangerous wedding one to remember for years to come. 
Community Manager, Edward Lewis, made the trip in an Asp Scout... with the help from the Rock Rats, and the other Distant Worlds crew, he made the final approach even when things looked a little bleak. Hear about his experiences and watch his final approach in the livestream VOD from Thursday.

There's also an intriguing appearance from a CMDR Salomé, that will set off the imaginations of anybody interested in the future of the Elite Dangerous galaxy.
And finally, to help the Distant Worlds Expedition celebrate their achievement, which was just one example of how wonderful and dedicated our Community can be, we created this Distant Worlds decal that anybody who completed the Expedition will have in their Outfitting when The Engineers goes live, and they finally make it home.

Full details on how to claim your Distant Worlds decal will be posted on their forum announcement page.
The Distant Worlds Expedition is officially over. You can find out more about the Expedition, and see an entire page with all the highlights from the last three months, in our recent Community Spotlight.
Pick up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass today for £24.99, €33.99 or $37.99.

The Hutton Truckers Inaugural Endurance Race

Taken from the Hutton Truckers Press Release:

"The Hutton Orbital Truckers are inviting any player groups (or privateers) to enter the inaugural Hutton Endurance race - racing for the "Hutton Cup" - a real trophy engraved with your team name as well as individual medals and of course, Hutton commemorative goodies for all crews that complete the race.

Taking place starting from HIGH NOON on Saturday 9th April, teams area assembling at Readdy's Progress in the Aparctias system (on the planet Cardinal) and racing 596km in teams to Gooch's Progress.

The route starts flat, with 22km wide craters to avoid, passing a pair of crevasses, into rolling hills and then on to a mountain range.  Teams have to carry a cargo of Hutton Mugs between the two locations and can work in shifts, tagging a team mate and passing over the cargo.

The rules are simple - the route has to be done on WHEELS ONLY and any teams finishing must be able to prove that they completed the full run.  You can bring spare SRV's, you can use materials for repair, you can use wingmen to fly the route and look out for obstacles.  However, die out of sight of your team mate and that's it - back to the start!"

For more details:
The official regulations/FAQ:

Join the Elite - Everything You Need to Know About Background Simulation

Next week we're continuing our tutorial livestream series on the official Elite Dangerous channel. Join the Elite is a series that takes deep dives into various aspects of Elite Dangerous, explaining everything you need to know about a particular part of the game. The series is aimed at seasoned players, teaching a thing or two to even the most dedicated of Elite experts.

Next week is all about the Background Simulation with Dav Stott and Adam Bourke-Waite. So get your BGS questions ready, as there will be a forum post about Thursday's livestream made early next week where you can post your queries for the experts.

Make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 19:00 BST on Thursday April 14.
Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has spoken to the media, elaborating on the destruction of Starship One and her prolonged hyper-sleep. Speaking at Leoniceno Orbital, President Halsey made a number of unorthodox statements about “the caretakers of our galaxy”, and avowed that she intended to “share their message”.
The Federation’s anti-Onionhead initiative received only modest support from the galactic community, as a competing scheme to support further research into the drug proved more popular with the public. The Altair Purple Mob, which organised the rival campaign, is reported to be pleased with the outcome.
The inhabitants of the Morrina system have taken to the streets to express their displeasure with local authorities, which have been criticised for failing to tackle rampant criminal activity. In response to this development, the Morrina Pro-Alliance Party has placed a kill order on all wanted ships operating in the system.
Some members of the galactic community have expressed concern about the development of Unknown Artefact-resistant ship modules, believing they will facilitate further black-market trade of Unknown Artefacts and exacerbate the so-called technological plague. Technical personnel at Obsidian Orbital have attempted to reassure the public by emphasising that the Unknown Artefact-resistant could potentially be used to protect starports from UA-related malfunctions.
The Canary Mining Corporation has announced plans to improve mining in the HIP 93377 system by asking independent pilots to deliver essential supplies to Kooi Gateway, for the development of improved material-processing facilities at the station.

Danger Zone Episode 12 - Another Dev Bites the Dust

We're back again for our regular CQC livestreams. Come along to the Official YouTube Channel for a chance to take on the Elite Dangerous developers and win prizes. The score board is ramping up, and competition is high amongst the devs, can returning champion CJ keep his top score even under the new stricter Arena livetream rule set?

Make sure you join us on our official YouTube channel at 19:00 BST on Tuesday April 12. 

Community Goals Update

Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to this week’s community goals blog. If you’re looking for a goal, the breakdown below should help:

Eliminating Agitators in Morrina: 
Barjavel Vision, Morrina - Hand in bounty vouchers at Barjavel Vision in the Morrina system to help tackle criminal activity in the system.

Improve Mining Facilities at Kooi Gateway:
Kooi Gateway, HIP 93377 – Deliver Mineral Extractors to Kooi Gateway in the HIP 93377 system to support development of improved material-processing facilities.


Recent reports from Morrina indicate that the system is in the grip of widespread civil unrest. The system’s inhabitants have taken to the streets to express their displeasure with local authorities, which have been criticised for failing to tackle rampant criminal activity. In response to this development, the Morrina Pro-Alliance Party has placed a kill order on all wanted ships operating in the system, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver Bounty Vouchers to Barjavel Vision.

In other news, the Canary Mining Corporation has announced plans to improve mining in the HIP 93377 system by asking independent pilots to deliver Mineral Extractors to Kooi Gateway for the development of improved material processing facilities at the station. A spokesperson for the corporation made the following statement:

“The new equipment will allow us to efficiently collect, process and store larger quantities of minerals and metals than ever before, as well as offer a wider range of equipment to independent miners working in the system.”

The organisation has promised to reward those who deliver the much-needed equipment to Kooi Gateway in the HIP 93377 system.

The two campaigns are scheduled to begin on the 7th of April 3302, and will run for one week.

Whether you’re shipping or shooting, fly safe out there Commanders!

Comms Chatter

Commander Oogie Boogie announced the second season of the Community-ran Elite Dangerous PVP League! For more information, click here.

A few days ago, the Fuel Rats completed 10,000 successful rescues! Congratulations! You can view their news posting over on reddit by clicking here.

Pixel Therapy on YouTube decided to play Elite Dangerous his way... with a mixer, and two controllers to his DJ system via a MIDI to Joystick setup. Blaze your own trail I suppose?

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Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

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