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Greetings, Commander,
Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #71.

This week, we're talking more about the Powerplay content update as we prepare for next week's reveal, launching a three-week film challenge and inviting you to join us in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2015.

And of course we're always eager to hear your feedback. You can hear directly from the development team on our ForumsTwitterFacebook and right here in the newsletter every week. 

Contents This Week

Developer Update

In this week's developer update, Executive Producer Mike Brookes teased next week's Powerplay announcement with more news on some of the extra features you'll find in our third content update.

We've already talked about the new drones for scooping cargo and sharing fuel, but this week Mike went into some of the other new advantages for miners. The hardhat and pickaxe players out there have had to work hard for their credits in the past, so for Powerplay we're making your lives a little more interesting.

The new Prospector Drone can be fired to do your scanning for you; it'll investigate an asteroid and return data on its metal and mineral composition. Combine them with a big ship and a stack of Collection Drones, and you'll tear through asteroid belts at speed.

After Powerplay launches, mining will become a more viable route to riches, espcially with two new minerals – painite and osmium – and more minerals per extraction site. But we think mining should be a game of risk and reward, so you'll find high and low intensity extraction sites in human-occupied space, but with pirates swarming the high intensity areas you'll face greater danger... and greater rewards.
Lastly, Mike talked about another one of the small but significant details in the mission overhaul you'll experience as part of the Powerplay update. Right now, mission-related targets are always found at Unidentified Signal Sources, but after Powerplay you may find them roaming the galaxy and on the run.

Interstellar (very) high-speed chases are just one of the new things to do in Powerplay, and you haven't seen anything yet.

Newsletter Peek Of The Week

Take the controls of the Imperial Courier in the Powerplay content update.

Willkommen in Köln

We're excited to announce we're exhibiting Elite: Dangerous on Gamescom's show floor for the very first time.

Gamescom is Europe's biggest gaming event, hosting over 335,000 people in 2014. Press have been able to visit Frontier behind closed doors in previous years, but in 2015 we'll be taking Elite: Dangerous to the crowds of gamers in the main exhibition halls.
Gamescom runs August 6-9 in the city of Cologne, Germany, and is open to everyone. It's a huge show, and it takes over the whole city for the weekend. Everywhere you turn there are videogame fans, cosplayers, parties, gaming events and developers sipping Kolsch on the banks of the Rhein in what's often one of the warmest weekends of the European summer.

Tickets are available now. Let us know on our forums if you're planning on attending.

Ctrl+Alt+Space Film Competition

We've been blown away by the creativity of the Elite: Dangerous YouTube community in the months since launch and over the years since our Kickstarter, and so we're launching a community challenge to reward the community's finest work.
Ctrl+Alt+Space is our first ever film competition. We're inviting you to make a video using a piece of original music from Elite: Dangerous composer Erasmus Talbot and an opening title card selected specially for the competition. We want you to be as creative and crazy as you like, and submit your entry by May 8.

Six videos will be selected by Frontier's art and animation teams and we'll put the shortlist to the community to pick an overall winner to be announced soon after the poll closing date on May 15.

The overall winner will take home an Elite: Dangerous video starter kit, with Mad Catz headset, high-end Logitech mouse and keyboard and a video capture card to take your YouTube game to the next level.

The winner will also receive the first ever Elite: Dangerous Community Award 
– a unique Elite: Dangerous medal awarded exclusively to players who make an outstanding contribution to the community.

For full details on how to enter, hit the competition page, hit Ctrl+Alt+Space in-game and start capturing fast.

Comms Chatter

After a successful session hunting bounties, Isinona moves into a nearby warzone to profit from the duelling factions.
Reddit user Tfaddy posted this gif of his take on a 16-bit 'Super Elite'. We didn't want to overload your inbox with a big gif, so click to play.
This wall art was posted by Reddit user Keep_Scrolling. You have to see the complete collection of photographs and Reddit thread to fully appreciate the scale of the work. 
PC Gamer's screenshot competition runs until Monday, so there's still time to enter. Hit their website for details and a chance to win some Elite: Dangerous shirts, hoodies and a copy of the original soundtrack.
And finally, we'd like to thank everyone from the community helping us test Elite: Dangerous for Mac right now.

In a few weeks we'll be deploying a special PC beta build to test Mac/PC crossplay. Cooperate or compete, it's your choice and your chance to settle the Mac versus PC debate once and for all. Well, once, at least.
The East India Company, one of the larger Pilots Federation members, recently announced a new initiative they are calling the Galactic Silk Road. This is a public trade route available to all, and features seventeen of the most highly profitable stops in civilized space. You can see the full list of trade route stops on the official GalNet page.

Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s ongoing investigation in to the attack on the Emperor took the Princess to Nehet yesterday, where the Senator from Facece directed her followers to launch an all out attack on the Nehet Silver Ring. Hundreds of pilots answered Arissa’s call to arms, and under the direction of the Patrons of Law the makeshift fleet was able to provide enough firepower to grind the Nehet Silver Ring to dust. 

During an exclusive interview with the popular Imperial politics programme, ‘Question Everything’, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval talked about the ongoing investigation into the attempted assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval. "That anyone would attack the Emperor in his own palace when he is already on his deathbed is symptomatic of a serious sickness in our society," the senator said. "Certain elements, criminal and otherwise, see the current situation as an opportunity to advance their own agendas at a time when we should be standing together as one nation."

The Shadow President’s tour of the Federation continued this week with a visit to the Reyan BPS headquarters aboard Moisuc Station, Mongan. Shadow President Hudson met with healthcare mogul and Reyan BPS CEO, Sam Reyan, to discuss ways in which Reyan BPS and the Federal government can come together to ensure a healthier future for all members of the Federation.

Last week it was announced that Silver Universal Plc, the financial branch of the military corporate conglomerate led by Senator Patreus, would be raising interest rates on all outstanding loan agreements. Not all debtors were willing to face up to their responsibilities. In particular, Kui Hsien and Quivira have stopped all payments to Silver Universal Plc in a particularly dangerous gambit given the Senator’s history when dealing with systems that refuse to pay their debts. 
That’s it for Newsletter #71. As always, if there's anything in particular that you’d like to hear more about, or if you'd like to ask a question, then please contact us at

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Until next time, fly safe and Right On, Commander.

The Frontier Team
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