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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #27!

This week we’ve been showing Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta at the games industry E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Back in Cambridge, work is continuing on the Premium Beta 2 release and we have a couple of sneak peeks for you...

Contents this week

Peek of the Week

‘We’re in it for the long haul’
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E3 Trailer

We created a new trailer for Elite: Dangerous in time for E3, to give a feel for the game to those who may be new to it.
We’ve had lots of positive reaction to it, such as this piece on Rock Paper Shotgun and this one by PCgamesN.
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Premium Beta Demos

Our room at E3 was open to all – here’s what it looked like just before the show opened:
Our rather splendid banner (shown here also just before the show opened) did a good job of getting people to see us.
We also had a more secluded section in our room where we ran a packed schedule of media interviews.
We spoke to a wide range of people who were both new to the game and those who are already playing Premium Beta. Reaction was great from both those who had never played the game before, and those who remembered the original game and said Elite: Dangerous looked exactly as they had seen it in their imagination 30 years ago!

From Massively Joystiq; “I can definitely say I am hooked.”

From Escapist Magazine; “Elite Dangerous is the reason I play video games.”

David Braben and Adam Woods also appeared on Gamespot’s live stream.

At the time of writing, we won ‘Best of E3’ from and and were nominated for Best of E3 by IGN.
‘David Braben accepts the ‘Best of E3 2014’ Award from Greg Tito, Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist.’

We also had one of our demo stations set up with an HD Oculus Rift. Elite: Dangerous’ VR experience continues to be acclaimed, as you’ll read in those same two pieces above. This time we let people loose in a Lakon Type 9, to give them the full-on experience of that spectacular ‘open’ double-decker canopy!

The Premium Beta being shown here includes a lifetime Expansion Pack, and is available now for new customers.
Those who wish to upgrade can do so from a pre-order of the Standard Beta, or from the Final Game.

If you have already pre-ordered the standard Beta and the lifetime Expansion Pack, you only need spend an additional £15 to join the Premium Beta phase and start playing Elite: Dangerous today.
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E3 Ambassadors

Our presence at E3 was immeasurably enhanced by the contribution of our three E3 Ambassadors from the community.
They did a genuinely superb job of hosting demos and generally representing the fantastic enthusiasm of the Elite: Dangerous community for the game.
Robin Barnard, Gwen Beale and Jon Virgo: we salute you - thank you so much!
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Premium Beta 2 Sneak Peek

We also of course wanted to show off some of the exciting new things the team are continuing to create.

As ‘Peeked’ last week, there is now a new type of star port in game – the Orbis.  Orbis stations first appeared in the game Frontier, and are even bigger than the Coriolis – that outer wheel has a diameter of 8km.  They are much more complex structures, and hence more expensive to construct.
We will also have several new systems opened up. The systems currently open in Premium Beta 1 are close to the galactic plane and so the bright core of the galaxy, which has a very high density of stars, is obscured by enormous dust clouds. The system in the following screenshot is several light years above the galactic plane – you’ll notice the improved view this gives of the galactic core as we are able to look over those dust clouds.
We’ll have more news for you on the release date for Premium Beta 2 next week…
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Help Gathering Peripheral Device Information

Our development team have put a call out on the forums for information on what devices are being used with your PC, to assist us in supporting them all well.

It involves running dxdiag from the start menu in Windows: select the Input tab at the top and you'll see a list of connected devices. Please select the devices you use and then find the Product and Vendor IDs for them displayed there and post them in the forum thread with the name of your device.

If your device is posted already with the same IDs there is no need to post again as we are just interested in the spread of everything that’s in use.

Here is the link to the forum thread.
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Community Events

A quick reminder of two Community Events coming up this summer:

LAVECON 2014 is a two day event, organised by the Lave Radio podcast crew. Join them on the 5th & 6th July in Kettering, United Kingdom.
> Buy Tickets

FantastiCon is a new sci-fi convention bringing together Elite fans from around the world. It is being held in the Jameson Suite (nice touch!) at the Royal Mercure Hotel in Hull, United Kingdom on Saturday 16th August, and convention attendees who book now can get hotel B&B at £25 pp/pn. The event includes free soft drinks and snacks, and access to a 24 hour bar.
> Facebook page  > Buy Tickets
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Comms Chatter

The Centauran Herald, a fictional news website, is creating a blog that fictionalizes current event inside the Alpha and Premium Beta.

Veep on the forums has created a spreadsheet that you can print and use to record your travel and profits... Pen & paper commander's log.

And lastly, David Jung has been creating some fantastic videos online of Elite: Dangerous.
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Mostly Harmless Questions

Dinbar: Will you be building any specific "role play" emotes, tools etc.
  • We aren’t looking at using emotes as they don’t really fit the communications system (which is one of the features we’re currently working on). Beyond the Text and Voice communications we are looking at there will be pre-defined messages that have additional game play effects, such as the ability to “declare piracy” – an act that can affect your reputation and trigger specific AI responses.

Steve Taylor: Will it be possible to find our NPCs in the finished game?
  • Players will be able to find starports and systems that they have named by exploring the galaxy! Named NPCs will be encountered randomly during game play.

Duvand: I really like to explore in games, will there be rewards in the game for doing this and what form will they take?
  • We are looking at having a variety of rewards for exploration including straightforward credit payments, access to rare or restricted ship modules, and increases in reputation which open up new mission and event possibilities, as well as increase the likelihood of favourable outcomes when dealing with NPCs and factions.

Caribou: Will there be long range scanners, or some kind of small robot scanner that can hyperspace to a distant system and return some basic info on it?
  • One of the aspects of exploration we are working towards does indeed have hyperspace-capable “probes” that gather and transmit useful information back to the ship.
Veep: Which ships will get multiple independent shield sections?
  • Ships roughly the size of the Cobra or larger will have multiple shield zones, and the ability to “push” shield power between them.
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That’s it for newsletter #27 - thank you for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous.

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