VegNews Magazine: The Hunger Shame

In their latest issue, VegNews Magazine explores the connection between global hunger and what's on our plates in their article "The Hunger Shame."

AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, consulted with author Marla Rose to illuminate some of the most pressing issues and how A Well-Fed World is helping. Of special note, they highlight our Plants-4-Hunger gift-giving campaign.

We're quoted: "Animal-based foods increase demand for basic food staples, which are used as animal feed. As demand for this extra food outpaces the limited supply, food prices increase. Those who have more money 'outbid' the poor so that animal feed can be used to satisfy their appetite for animal-based products instead producing food directly for people in need."

Want more? VN article by Paul Shapiro: "Why U.S. Meat Consumption is Decreasing."

Vegetarian Diet May Prevent Global Food Crisis

Finally, world experts and the media are increasing attention to the role vegetarianism must play for food security. Both The Huffington Post and The Guardian reported on the new study by the Stockholm International Water Institute. SIWI’s top scientists “issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world’s population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages." 

This is big news... please share widely and read our blog post for more about the report and our critique about focusing exclusively on the "growth" of meat consumption as a means of redirecting blame.

Drought, Corn and Food Prices

Did you know that the drought's devastating blow to corn and other cereal crops mostly affect animal feed crops? So how does this affect our concerns about food costs and saving animals?

Jaime Hecht, AWFW's Outreach Coordinator, examines
the connection between the drought in the Midwest and food prices. Read why the drought is expected to increase prices for meat and dairy products in the next year. In the short-term, however, there may be decreased prices due temporary increases in meat supply as higher feed costs lead to herd culling (the “removal” of less profitable cows).

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U.S. & European Conferences

Summer time had us sponsoring, speaking and/or exhibiting at local events and national conferences such as the Vegetarian Summerfest, Taking Action for Animals and the Animal Rights National Conference. It's a busy and fruitful time connecting with movement leaders, grassroots activists, newcomers, and friends (old and new). it's time for Luxembourg and the International Animal Rights Conference. The conference starts this Thursday and runs through Sunday (September 13-16). In addition to strengthening the conference with our sponsorship, AWFW's founding director will be strengthening our bonds with the international activist community and sharing knowledge with an hour-long presentation: Future Trends: Meat, Hunger and Global Warming.

Check out AWFW Activities for details on past, present, and upcoming events.

AWFW Specialty Outreach - Global Hunger & More

Welcome new members... here's a general overview of our outreach topics and methods:

Our specialization is connecting the global hunger, pro-veg, and farm animal issues in real and tangible ways. We do this through our programs and by providing expert opinion as a vital form of outreach to the public, a variety of social justice advocates, and key decision-makers.

Global warming as it pertains to meat production is our secondary area of specialization because of its grave implications, motivating power, and direct impact on both hunger and farm animal concerns.

In addition to our top specializations, we've added these speaking topics: (1) Humane Labels & Loopholes, 2) Meat Crisis and Gas Prices, and (3) The Dark Side of Heifer International and Animal Gift-Giving.*

As for method, in addition to outreach through conference presentations and news commentary, we provide interviews for print, radio and online publications.

Recent interviews include:

Find out more --> --> read our 6-page article (PDF)

* Note: Due to the overwhelming interest in alternatives to Heifer International, we're expanding our Plants-4-Hunger gift-giving campaign. Stay tuned for exciting updates as the holiday season approaches.

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