March 27, 2013
A Variety of Free & New "Treats"

Free e-Book for Activists!

Uncaged: Top Activists Share Their Wisdom on Effective Farm Animal Advocacy

FREE e-book - Wednesday & ThursdayIn Uncaged, 30 leading activists, including AWFW's Founder Dawn Moncrief, offer their hard-won insights on effective farm animal advocacy. Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned activist, Uncaged provides an abundance of wisdom and inspiration that will help you have a bigger impact for farm animals.

Uncaged - is FREE today and tomorrow only (Wednesday & Thursday)! Grab a copy and share this offer as an easy way to help even more animals. Starting Friday, it's $3.99. 

Factory Farming Conference Videos

Factory Farming Conference VideosThey're finally here... the full video presentations from the National Conference to End Factory Farming.  

AWFW was a Sponsor of this powerful three-day conference that brought together 350 advocates and professionals in the areas of environment, animal protection, and public health to set in motion new ideas and collaborative actions to put an end to factory farming.

Anteneh Roba Speaking at FF ConferenceAWFW's Founder Dawn Moncrief presented on Factory Farming Global Trends.

The session also included presentations by organizational partners 
Mia MacDonald, Founder of Brighter Green, and Anteneh Roba, Co-Founder of the International Fund for Africa (pictured here).

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale - New Stuff

The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is just a few weeks away (April 20-28). Now is the perfect time to start planning your Earth Day vegan bake sale activities.

The new 2013 T-shirts are now on sale. Check out the winning designs by contestants Reagan Kimball and Vik Jardine. 

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Did you get the new issue of E/The Environmental Magazine? You can't miss our new full page ad (seen here)... as soon as you open the cover! Thank you again to our friends at E Magazine!

Here's why we love the WVBS:

  • It demonstrates that veganism is delicious.
  • It draws people to our tables for more info.
  • It highlights dairy-free & egg-free benefits.
  • It gives vegan advocacy a friendly face.
  • It raises $50,000+ for animal & veg causes.

Welcome to new countries: England, Scotland, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Finland & Germany.

See more countries (and translations in 
Spanish  French Italian), plus updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Last but not least... how about some recipes.

National PB&J Day - Workplace Treats

This Tuesday (April 2), join the fun & make a difference with National PB&J Day!

Peanut Butter Cookies for PB&J DayWe already have lots of exciting events in honor of PB&J Day, especially in schools. But there's an easy way to participate even if you haven't made plans yet... just bring PB&J sandwiches or cookies to work.

You'll be popular AND help animals by promoting the benefits of vegan foods.

E-mail us now and we'll send you a set of our full-color PB&J brochures. You can also print your own pledge forms.

AWFW Founder, Dawn Moncrief for PB&J CampaignNot time on Tuesday? ANY day can be PB&J Day. 

Here's why we love the PB&J Campaign:

  • It's a novel and friendly attention-getter.
  • It's easy-to-implement (at home & as outreach).
  • It's a simple message and an effective approach.
  • It's compatible with other environmental efforts.
  • It's got reach - millions of people love PB&J.


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