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It's conference time...

Time for speaking and exhibiting to share our expertise... attending cutting-edge sessions with global thought leaders to learn from their expertise... and connecting with activists, veg-curious newcomers, and friends (old and new). Check out these three incredible conferences & join us if you can!

Animal Rights 2013 National Conference - DC

The Animal Rights 2013 National Conference kicks-off on Thursday, June 27-30th, in metro Washington, DC.

With more than 100 sessions, 90 free exhibits, and 85 speakers from 60 organizations... this is one jam-packed program you don't want to miss!


AWFW Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, speaking at:

6/28 - 10:30am - Newcomer Orientation
6/29 -  7:30pm - MC'ing the Awards Banquet
6/30 -  2:30pm - Externalities of Animal Abuse (world hunger)
6/30 -  4:30pm - Engaging Abroad


Exhibits are FREE, plus one free day session! If you're able to attend, please stop by our exhibit table to say "hi."


As a Conference Sponsor, we're once again offering our friends a $20 discount.

E-mail dawn@awfw.org for discount details or if you're interested in volunteering.

Vegetarian Summerfest - PA

Just following the AR2013 Conference is the Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA, from July 3rd-7th.

Founding Director Dawn Moncrief will give two 1-hour intensive presentations on global trends and the relationships between the consumption of animal-based foods, global hunger, and global warming (details below).


7/4 - 3pm - The Meat Crisis and Climate Change
--> An examination of why animal-based foods are top contributors to climate change and some of the real-life consequences for people and animals. While the connection encourages some to reduce meat consumption, others are using it to advocate intensifying production (factory farms) and livestock “rights.” We’ll also look at how increases of greenhouse gases counter the environmental benefits claimed from industries promoting meat from local and/or grass-fed animals. The session concludes with talking points and easy-to-use handouts to improve the quality of our advocacy and expand our reach.

7/5 - 10am - Future Trends - Meat and Global Hunger

--> Learn details about why global meat consumption is predicted to double over the next 50 years due to increasing population and increasing per-person consumption of animal-based foods. We’ll then go beyond the widespread “it’s distribution not scarcity” misunderstandings to find out how meat consumption (and the scarcity it creates) undermines hunger alleviation. We'll conclude by examining why reversing America’s “over”-consumption is a powerful tool for global change.

International Animal Rights Conference - Luxembourg

Fall brings, the International Animal Rights Conference, September 12-15th at the Kulturfabrik in Esch, Luxembourg.

We're thrilled to return to IARC as it provides a truly international platform for people active in the animal rights movement and those interested in learning more.


Founding Director Dawn Moncrief will share AWFW's new hour-long presentation -- The Meat Crisis: Human and Animal Suffering in a Populous World.

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