December 30, 2012
Plastic Cow Project Update + Matching Grant

I'm happy to report that so far we've raised $1767 in birthday gift-donations, plus a $5,000 matching grant for the VSPCA India's Plastic Cow Project. This incredible program seeks to save 300+ cows who have "grazed" on landfills by providing plastic-removal surgeries for only $90 each.

There's still time... donate now to help twice as many cows!

Thank You... 2012 & Beyond

The Plastic Cow Project birthday appeal, Hurricane Sandy emergency foof appeal, and Plants-4-Hunger gift-giving program are special initiatives that increase our on-going grant funding to innovative, highly-effective groups in the U.S. and globally.

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to "glance-and-go" at the new grants listed here or our total list of 130+ Global Grants, but I hope there's time to appreciate the immensity of what your contributions accomplish. We couldn't achieve such extraordinary success without your generosity so thank you again and stay tuned for an even better 2013.

Happy New Year~Dawn (Dawn Moncrief, Founding Director)

List of 4th Quarter Grant Winners

Congrats to these project winners (details below)!

AVDA Cameroon

AVDA Cameroon

AVDA Cameroon is a central African charity providing information and guidance on all aspects of veganism and animal rights. This grant provides video equipment and food funds for workshops conducted in sign language to 200+ hearing-impaired people in the city of Cameroon.

Brighter Green

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2012As an official NGO delegation to the United Nation's Climate Change Conference (COP 18) in Qatar, Brighter Green partnered with international animal protection groups to organize a side-event with a focus on farmed animals. Brighter Green's Executive Director, Mia MacDonald, presented policy research and distributed literature outlining the dangerous links between animal agriculture and greenhouse gases.

Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN)

EVEN lectureThe Eugene Veg Education Network began in 2005 as a project of a recently retired couple, Lin and Robert. Since then it has grown as resource for Oregon and beyond. In addition to tabling at events and distributing countless handouts, EVEN hosts speakers, operates a lending-library, and provides free vegan food as outreach.


EVOLVEEVOLVE! promotes the ethical and nutritional aspects of a plant-based diet across the UK and internationally using widespread internet outreach with thought-provoking images and text. Their flagship program, the 30-Day Vegan Pledge, provides free information in the form of e-books which contain detailed guides, recipes, and tips.

Hurricane Sandy Food Relief

Hurricane Sandy ReliefAWFW partnered with Food Organizers USA to provide immediate food relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. AWFW members rallied to provide an additional $1750, bringing AWFW's total to $5250 in funding, plus food donations.

Special thanks to Earth Balance for their exceptionally generous donation of 2700 jars+ of peanut butter.

Read our PB&J Campaign blog post: Peanut Butter for Disaster Preparedness.

Israeli 'Symbolic Calf' Global Campaign

"Symbolic Calf" CampaignThis online and media awareness campaign originated in Israel with a small group of activists demonstrating against the atrocities committed against farm animals. Their video has more than 200,000 views and their campaign continues to raise public awareness and build global solidarity.

Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society

LAWSThe Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society is a volunteer advocacy group promoting vegetarianism among students through in-school vegetable gardens. Their current project works with four schools in Voinjama City where the vegetables from the school gardens replace meat once a week and humane education is taught through their Animal Kindness Club.

New Year, New You Health Fest

New Year New You Health FestAWFW is proud to provide a sponsorship grant to the upcoming New Year, New You Health Fest, in Marshall, Texas. Participants will gain inspiration from 15 of the world’s most influential and sought after speakers, athletes, and best-selling authors; learn from vegan chef-led cooking demos; sample award-winning chill... and then work it off in fitness boot camp.

 NY Coalition for Healthy School Food

NY Coalition for Healthy School FoodNYCHSF's new education project Food Unearthed: The Truth About Food Education Project introduces students grades 3-5 to the importance of plant-based foods and reading labels, information on food politics, and the connection between food choice and the environment. It consists of 25 lesson plans and is currently being taught in four schools.

Open The Cages Alliance
Vegtoberfest 2012
Open The Cages Alliance is an all-volunteer, Baltimore-based non-profit group that organizes the Vegtoberfest. AWFW is proud to once again be the Top Sponsor of this year's fall festival celebrating a healthy, sustainable and compassionate vegan lifestyle. Vegtoberfest is a family-friendly event that is fun for all.

Our Hen House
Our Hen House
Our Hen House has expanded once again. Their latest venture is an online magazine with thought-provoking columns, a wide array of feature articles, and a “breaking news” ticker linking to important stories from the realm of animal rights. Their multimedia magazine will also include their popular podcast, a daily blog, book and film reviews, and a wide array of videos.

VegWorld Magazine

Raw Edge ProductionsVegWorld Magazine is the world's first interactive, digital vegetarian/vegan magazine to connect subscribers to the leaders, authors, and luminaries in veg living. Each issue is packed with recipes, videos and interviews with guest celebrities, and vital information on natural health from top medical doctors. We were proud to support Raw Edge Productions as they launch this powerful, innovative resource for the vegan community.

Veg Not Venison - Kenya

Sikinza Trust - Saharan YouthSaharan Youth is an all-volunteer group in Kenya promoting "Veg Not Venison" to combat poaching in their community. This grant will help the Sikizana Trust for Community Development launch an awareness-raising campaign about the dangers of selling and consuming animal "game" as well as the importance of wildlife protection.


SHARAN - IndiaSHARAN (Sanctuary for Heath And Reconnection to Animals and Nature) promotes health awareness, animal kindness, and a holistic, eco-friendly lifestyle. Based in Mumbai, they conduct food preparation workshops and educational programs/retreats on effective advocacy and encouraging thoughtful food and lifestyle choices.

South African Vegan Society
South African Vegan Society
The South African Vegan Society is the primary voice and resource for veganism in South Africa. Through their activism they promote the ethical, health, and environmental benefits of veganism. With the help of this grant, they are increasing their online resources, leafleting activities, demos, and social events.

VEG Thunder Bay

Thunder BayThe Vegan Education Group of Thunder Bay was founded by two sisters who believe that education is the key to lasting change. AWFW is proud to provide a sponsorship grant for their upcoming Vegan Iron Chef competition where teams in amateur and professional categories will demonstrate the wide variety and great taste of vegan food.

Vegetarian Society of Tulsa
Veg Society of Tulsa
The Vegetarian Society of Tulsa is a 173-member Meetup group who volunteer their time to promote the benefits of a plant-based diet. This grant aids in their expansion to include tabling at athletic events in their community.

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