January 2012
AWFW Partnership Highlights to Kick-Off 2012
  • Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations - India
  • By Any Greens Necessary - Washington, DC
  • FARM / Meatout - Global

Top News... Veg Outreach Project in India

We're partnering with the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations on a joint project for large-scale vegan outreach in India. The project will begin as a pilot project in Mumbai and is designed as a model to expand to other cities.

The first of its kind and scale in India, this project includes the design and printing of colorful summary handouts and detailed booklets written in both Hindi and English. AWFW and FIAPO will combine online resources and add targeted use of videos to strengthen and expand our reach.

The materials will be India-specific while also including global perspectives. Information on the harm of dairy will be especially highlighted as India is the largest milk producer in the world. FIAPO will train volunteers to leaflet and table with a focus on colleges, malls, and a variety of community events.

Vegan Food on the MLK Holiday

We partnered with By Any Greens Necessary to add vegan food to the We Feed Our People event in Washington, DC.  

We Feed Our People is an annual event providing nutritious food and warm clothing for more than 400 homeless citizens in the nation's capitol. When first launched in 1988, service programs for people in need did not provide meals on Sundays or holidays.

As a result the MLK Holiday had served as a day of sacrifice and hardship to those that he dedicated his life to helping. We are thrilled to help 
keep the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. alive and increase awareness to help those in need.

Getting Ready for Meatout 2012

We're partnering with FARM for Meatout 2012In addition to working together on the Meatout flagship event in Washington, DC, we're offering free educational materials, video equipment and small grants to make other events bigger and better.

Since 1985, Meatout has urged the public to get a fresh start by "kicking the meat habit" on the first day of Spring. On or around March 20th, individuals and grassroots groups organize events of all sizes in their communities. With events in all 50 U.S. states and two dozen countries, Meatout is the largest annual grassroots diet education campaign. 

It's easy to join the action! Check out the Meatout Action Page for ideas and get a free Event Pack when you register your event.

Tax Letters & Thank You!
Special thanks to our contributors who made 2011 an incredible year of growth and set the stage for an even more ambitious 2012. As a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization, your contribution to A Well-Fed World is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law and your printed tax letters will be mailed this week.

If would like a PDF version of your tax letter emailed instead of or in addition to your printed tax receipt letter, you can reply here or email us at care@awfw.org. 
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