October 9, 2013
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Lots of Good Stuff This Month...

Take the Vegan Food Stamp Challenge

AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, will be taking the Vegan Food Stamp Challenge next week.

To join, try eating for one week on a total budget of $30 (the typical amount per food stamp recipient).

The official dates are October 13-19 in honor of World Food Day (Oct 16), but you can pick your time.

Some people donate the money they saved to a local pantry. If you choose to donate (some or all) through A Well-Fed World, just write "food stamps" or "India" in the comment field and we'll send 100% to
this vegan feeding program in India. 

If you don't know how much you spend on food in a week, you may choose to use American average of $151. Here's the optional 
pledge packet.

See Dawn's planned menu on Facebook.

CharitySub Selects AWFW for Donations

CharitySub is a nonprofit organization with an innovative style of micro-philanthropy. Members donate $5/month. Each month a new cause is selected... then 3 organizations are chosen represent that cause. 

Members then choose the group they want to receive that month's $5 donation. In addition to awareness-raising, those small donations add up to make a real difference.

This month's issue is 
friendly farming. It's a real honor to be one of this month's nonprofits, sharing the stage with Compassion Over Killing and Farm Sanctuary.

Presenting at the Central Florida VegFest

AWFW's Dawn Moncrief will be presenting at the Central Florida VegFest on Saturday, October 26th. 

Her presentation -- Future Trends: The Impact of Meat on Global Hunger and Global Warming -- will address the causes and consequences of the drastically increasing global meat consumption. Specific attention will be paid to the impact of animal-sourced foods on global hunger and global warming.

Also included is why switching to local, grass-fed or "just chicken" isn't enough and why it's especially important for Americans to take a lead role in reducing national and global meat consumption.

Want more reasons to choose "veg" over "humane?"  Read our
Humane Facts page and/or view this video of "humane" slaughter. (Warning: very graphic)

Dawn's Interview & Others Transcribed

Thanks to one of our Global Grants, the nonprofit Responsible Eating And Living (REAL) has been able to transcribe more of their online audio interviews into written pieces.

Their radio show It’s All About Food on the Progressive Radio Network, has more than 240 interviews with experts in the plant-based food movement.

These free audio programs and transcripts comprise 
the most comprehensive digital library of experts promoting healthy, plant-based foods available.

Included, is an interview in which AWFW's Dawn Moncrief discusses our work and the connections between hunger and meat consumption. Now it can heard and read.

Employer Matching Gifts Finally Made Easy
Matching Gifts

Now it's easy to increase your donation with our new employer matching gift option.

Just click the check box on 
our donation page. You'll receive an email from the company DonateDouble with the Employer Request Form with the charity information already filled in!  

Just enter your details, e-sign, and email it to your employer. It's that easy!

It's CFC Time --> Choose CFC #18928

A Well-Fed World is an official member of the Combined Federal Campaign... CFC #18928.

View our official profile. Search under:
Charities Under 5% -- then
Animal Slaughter & Child Starvation Stop Here.

Better yet, first check our special CFC page with our video and all the details. 


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