November 6, 2013
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**due to the large number of grants, we expanded our four rounds to six**
3rd Round - 2013 Grant Winners
Sustainable Keys Global Grants
Congrats to these project winners! (details below)

Here's Round 3 - Grant Winning Projects...

Acorns A Go-Go

Acorns A Go-Go is a free groovy vegan festival in Maryland celebrating the "awesomeness" of veganism and the environment with live music, delicious food, and fun activities.

About the name: Acorns are abundant, oak trees (from which acorns grow) are a vital part of our ecological system, and the festival's location is a tree city. "Go-Go provides a funky 60's backdrop. The 60's decade was a time of movers and shakers and paradigm breakers. Our times call for a revival of that same energy of peace, love, and understanding."

Association of Vegetarians & Friends of Animals Cameroon

Association des Végétariens et Amis des Animaux du Cameroun is organizing its first veg festival, from December 13th -14th in Douala, Cameroon. 

This television-covered event includes a "peaceful sensitizing march" to the Delegations of Health and Agriculture, pro-veg documentaries, conference presentations on vegan life, and a visit to four orphan centers with gifts of food. Free food is provided so that non-vegetarians can taste delicious vegan foods.

Brighter Green

Brighter Green is expanding their outreach for What's For Dinner?. This 29-minute documentary (in Chinese with English subtitles and printed reports), provides a unique look into the rapidly growing consumption of meat in China.

Through interactions with people across Chinese society, the film examines the impact that this immense shift in food production and consumption is having on sustainability, public health, food security, climate change, and animal suffering. Our grant is funding the distribution of 100 copies to library collections and subsidizing grassroots screenings.

Buddha B Yoga Center

Buddha B is a vegan yoga center based in Washington, DC. The owners are long-time vegan activists who walk-the-walk (and bend-the-bend) when it comes to promoting veganism and the natural connections it has in the yoga community.

They are now expanding and taking their message global. In addition to vegan yoga retreats in Latin America, they are opening a new studio of their own to strengthen our global community.


Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations

FIAPO -- in partnership with A Well-Fed World -- has launched a new website for the Living Free program. This online resource provides detailed information and resources from an Indian perspective. A scientific approach is used to optimize effectiveness in India and other countries. See the detailed report with photos.

Also in the works, is a vast expansion of their grassroots network of activists and micro-grants to support their activities... thus, bringing forth a multiplier effect. Thanks to generous support of our members, we were able to send extra funds that exceeded $10,000!

Food Empowerment Project

Food Empowerment Project’s year-long publication, Food Chain, is comprised of 12 monthly installations. It provides new vegans with a printed monthly booster of information, ideas, and encouragement to keep them in the fold.

The goal is to make Food Chain freely available to all individuals who are considering veganism or who have recently jumped the tracks to a more healthful and compassionate way of life.

Food Stamp Challenge 

Vegan Food Stamp Challenge took place the week of October 13-19th, in honor of World Food Day. AWFW Founding Director Dawn Moncrief participated by going one week on a total food budget of $30. This is the average amount provided to food stamp recipients. Her insights are chronicled here

We also provided support and action for the Protest Against Food Stamp Reductions with outreach and a vegan food share in Dupont Circle (a popular public space in Washington, DC).

Free Skool Teaching Farm

Free Skool is a training site in New Mexico for vegan farming, large-scale food preparation, and activism-building. It strengthens the organizing skills of people volunteering in the vegan, peace, social justice, and environmental movements.

"Free Skool provides a forum to share and seek knowledge in the areas of social change, economic justice, peace, generosity, diversity, responsibility and a sustainable future." Of special note are the Food Not Lawns gardening workshops and weekly food shares. Our grant helped with the construction of a much needed water pump.

Global Forest Coalition

Global Forest Coalition and our partner Brighter Green engage climate policy makers to include the benefit of reducing "livestock" holdings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (known as REDD+).

The scope of the project includes directly engaging global policy makers; producing and disseminating documentation, policy analysis, and education materials to identify alternatives to animal farming and the strategies needed to promote them.

Help Animals India

Help Animals India is our partner who connects us with sanctuaries and feeding programs. They have indispensable first-hand knowledge of the effectiveness and needs of local groups.

"India is blessed with many dedicated animal welfare organizations. Help Animals India seeks out the best of these under-funded organizations to provide financial and practical assistance where it can make the most difference." They not only to provide immediate benefits for India’s animals, but also nurture an enduring culture of animal protectionism.

Human Rights Are Animal Rights Conference

Human Rights Are Animal Rights Conference (organized by Animal Liberation Ontario) evaluated the systematic exploitation of both human and non-human animals... and how these oppressions relate in our lives. It functioned as a platform for dialogue and networking to create a more resilient rights liberation movement for all. 

Special attention was paid to the concept of intersectionality because social justice activists have been slow to include animals. Extending the concept to include animals strengthens the movement for animal liberation, while clarifying our thinking about social justice for people.


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