Plastic Cow Project - India --> $11,250!

Karuna Society for AnimalsThe Plastic Cow Project in India was our special focus for 2012 and we provided $11,250 to support their life-saving work. About 100 lucky cows are being spared a slow, painful death with surgeries (only $90 each) that remove the plastic and other debris the cows have ingested as they are forced to "graze" on landfills. After the surgeries, cows remain at the sanctuaries.

Here's the funding breakdown before rounding-up:

Plants-4-Hunger Gifts --> $7225!

Our Plants-4-Hunger gift-giving program provides vegetarians and vegans a way to help feed people in need without harming animals. This past holiday season we raised an additional $7225 through 110 donations.

Instead of using a "gift-pig" as food from a group like
Heifer International, these gifts saved lives by supporting the four on-the-ground, animal-free hunger relief projects below that provide both immediate assistance and long-term community solutions.
  • Homeless Feeding Program - Ethiopia
  • Soy Protein School Lunch Program - Belize
  • Food & Water Projects - Multiple
  • Project FRESH - United States

Plants-4-Hunger Project Details....

Homeless Feeding Program - Ethiopia
The Ethiopian Vegan Association is a volunteer group implementing a homeless feeding program that began with financial support and training from the International Fund for Africa and A Well-Fed World. What began as a monthly program has expanded to weekly. Every Saturday, volunteers prepare 100 vegan meals to distribute to homeless adults and children in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa. Between the donated food and donated time, it costs only $60 a week.

School Lunch Soy Protein - Belize
Plenty International provides soybeans from local farming to the schools in Belize for their lunch programs. This is part of a national effort to help undernourished primary school children do better in school by providing them with a hot lunch. Plenty also provides instruction on how to make soymilk and training on how to incorporate these high protein plant-based foods and fresh vegetables from the school garden into the children's meals.

Food & Water Projects - Multiple

VegFam is a UK-based organization that helps others to help themselves through self-supporting, plant-based food production projects and the provision of safe drinking water. VegFam is currently supporting six long-term food production and water projects in India, Bangladesh, DR Congo, Kenya and Brazil. Funding provides training, seeds, tools, fruit trees, land, seed/food storage, and food processing equipment.

Project FRESH - United States
Earthworks Urban Farm is a food justice organization that provides fresh, organic produce as a direct feeding program of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Bolstering sustainable practices (such as plant-based 'green composting' as fertilizer), Earthworks works closely with the Department of Health to help promote the consumption of fresh vegetables among low-income families with children, known as Project FRESH. This model program provides families with coupons to purchase locally grown produce directly from farmers via weekly hosted markets. Gardening classes and youth programs are also hosted throughout the year.

Carnism Awareness & Action Network (CAAN)

We're thrilled to support the Carnism Awareness & Action Network by acting as their fiscal sponsor until they receive their 501(c)(3). Choose CAAN from our donate options and 100% goes directly to their educational programs while you get a tax-deduction.

Melanie Joy, author of
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, founded CAAN "to expose and transform carnism, the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals. Central to CAAN’s mission is raising awareness about the fact that contemporary animal agriculture is enabled by an oppressive ideology, and that eating animals is therefore a social justice issue. CAAN empowers concerned citizens and vegan advocates through education and activism."

Garden Tower Project

A Well-Fed World is an Angel Sponsor of the Garden Tower Project. We share their vision of a world with healthy produce, accessible gardening, and food for ALL.

Our current centralized agricultural system faces a variety of challenges both in the quality of food that's produced and the impact on animals and the environment. The Garden Tower is a move toward decentralized and sustainable agriculture that empowers people and communities, while providing a model of food production that doesn't use farm animals.

Click here to learn more, donate, or buy your own.

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