April Highlights - Food Edition - 2012

Ethiopian Conference & Feeding Program

Ethiopian Feeding Program 2010May 11th, AWFW will once again partner with the International Fund for Africa and the Ethiopian Vegan Association for a follow-up to the 2010 conference in Addis Abba (photos). 

AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, will be on location to directly participate in the conference, training, and feeding program. The vegan feeding program will provide food to more than one hundred homeless people (
2010 photos). We will also conduct a training for local activists teaching vital information on how to procure and prepare food to strengthen the current program.  

Visit AWFW's Ethiopia webpage for more details.

Feeding the World - Conference Presentation

Feed the World ConferenceAWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, presented the pro-veg perspective on the panel, "Where's the Beef? Your Hamburger in 2050" at Feeding the World While the Earth Cooks. 

This hunger and environmental think tank conference was organized by 
The New American Foundation in Washington, DC. While AWFW was the only veg advocacy group, we were able to get widespread agreement about the need to reduce the individual and global consumption of animal-based foods.

Watch all or part of the video on our 
You Tube page.  

John Robbins - Food Revolution Summit

Food Revolution SummitThe FREE online Food Revolution Summit is live and launches on Saturday!

It runs from April 28th to May 6th and includes 21 interviews conducted by renown vegan thought leader John Robbins (
see full schedule). Nearly 20,000 have already registered for this innovative forum with cutting edge interviews. Robbins is best known for his ground-breaking books, including Diet for a New America, Food Revolution, and the new No Happy Cows. Register for free.   

Dupont Green Week Benefits AWFW

May 17th marks the first day of DC's celebration of all things green. Dupont Green Week is organized by and for local business leaders to bolster neighborhood involvement in renewable energy initiatives, such as increasing energy efficiency, carbon offsets, and composting.  

AWFW is the beneficiary of their Saturday Night Gala. AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief will speak on "green" diet choices as an easy and powerful extension of other environmental efforts.  

Peanut Butter Cookie Activism

Bowl of CookiesIn honor of this year's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, we combined Earth Day and our PB&J CampaignWe used pre-made dough, then dozens of delicious peanut butter cookies magically appeared. We distributed them with our brochures and portable PB packets thanks to our generous friends ay Peanut Butter & Co.

HINT: Cookies are a great way to make your friends at work smile. Plus, they'll be eager for the brochures.

PB&J Campaign is taking off and we want you to get involved. See our photos from our Whole Foods events and street outreach. Every day can be a PB&J Day!

BONUS! Free Stuff & Sneak Peek

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The first draft of 
AWFW's new website is live. Refresh your screen to see the first round of changes and stay tuned for more. 

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