March 2012
March Highlights - Spring Edition

Global Grants Recipients - 1st Quarter

Here's the first quarter recipients of our Sustainable Keys Global Grants

Vegan Youth Society GhanaThis round's top picks include:
  • electronic teaching equipment for the Vegan Youth Society in Ghana (pictured here)
  • creation of the first vegan website for the country of Laos in SE Asia
  • large screen outdoor video outreach, spring festivals, and sanctuary support
  • food policy expansion and animal conference sponsorship in India
  • plus, $8500 bonus from the Feed More International gift-giving campaign

Food Revolution Virtual Summit -- John Robbins

Food Revolution Summit
Bestselling author John Robbins is interviewing 21 movement leaders for healthy, sustainable, humane and delicious food. Save the date: April 28-May 6. There will be three interviews broadcast daily online for this Food Revolution Virtual Summit.
AWFW is an affiliate partner of this innovative summit providing cutting edge information to help you thrive and make a bigger difference in the world. The live event is FREE with low-cost recordings available to keep and to share.

National PB&J Day + Bake Sale

PB&J TablePB&J is an easy way to encourage people to replace some of their meat-based foods with delicious, protein-rich and budget-friendly alternativesOn April 2nd, we celebrate National PB&J Day at Whole Foods stores in DC and VA. Pictured here, we are stylish with our new t-shirts, aprons, brochures and picnic table covers.

Combining great campaigns, we're making peanut butter cookies and chocolate-covered peanut butter balls in honor of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale and Earth Day. Join the fun and donate the proceeds.

Of special note: WVBS Founder, Gary Lowenthal, is 
the new Director of our PB&J Campaign (pictured here with Outreach Coordinator, Jaime Hecht). We know talent!

PLANEAT Screening Benefits AWFW

PLANEAT Join us for a screening of the documentary PLANEAT on March 31st. Organized by Benevolent Media the proceeds benefits A Well-Fed World. PLANEAT is the story of three men’s search for a diet, which is good for our health, good for the environment and good for the future of the planet. AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, will lead the discussion and Q&A.

Vegan Health & Fitness Features AWFW

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine CoverAWFW is featured in the new Vegan Health & Fitness magazine. Get a sneak peek at this is a full-color 40-page print magazine. In honor its mainstream appeal, AWFW is offering 2-for-1. One for you. One for a friend. Donate $10 or more to AWFW by April 15th. Put your friend's name, address and e-mail in the comment field and we'll subscribe you both.

Veggie Brothers Discounts for AWFW

Veggie Brothers PotpieToo busy to cook? Try Veggie Brothers and have delicious vegan meals delivered to your door. It's more than just a meal, Founder Michael Balducci uses his resources to provide free educational materials and otherwise support veg-causes.  

Receive a 20% discount until April 30th with coupon code: WELLFED.
Plus, get a FREE e-book and 4-part video series on healthy habits for a healthy life.

Deception of "Growth" - AWFW's Huffington Post Response

Dawn Moncrief, AWFW Founding DirectorDanielle Neirenberg of Worldwatch authored Rising Number of Farm Animals Poses Environmental and Public Health Risks for the widely-read and well-respected Huffington Post blog.

AWFW's Founding Director, Dawn Moncrief, responded to draw attention to the deception behind the concept of "growth" and how Americans have a responsibility to do more.

Excerpt from our comment: "The focus on global "growth" is critical but it's easily (and sometimes conveniently) deceptive when not explicitly considering the immense disparity in starting figures. For example: if a developing country starts with 2 units then increases to 4, its growth has doubled and there's alarm. If a country like the U.S. starts with 10 units then decreases to 9, we applaud ourselves for our increased awareness about the benefits of eating less meat and our contribution to the global good."

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