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Just a Little Bit 

Are you using these small platforms?

I couple of weeks ago, I received an email through our Wrestling Mayhem Show account from a student at the Berklee College of Music about a service called Clammr.

The concept: An app that is just 18 Second audio clips.

That's it!  

Clammr app interfaceAt first, I didn't think I'd have the time bandwidth to do it for some or all of my shows.  Then it hit me.  I'm already experimenting with putting video clips to Instagram and Twitter Video to help push people to my shows with quick hits to get them interested.  And I've had good feedback.  So it wasn't much to it to combine Clammr's 18 second audio to my 15 and 30 second workflow. 

The app gives us a pretty nice interface to share a variety of things we're doing around here since we have such a variety.  I don't feel so weird about throwing them in one feed since it's just clips.  

You then can set a call to action.  For me, I send all of my listeners to the MP3 of our shows.  This seems to be the nicest option since the full show will now play right in the app!  Youtube and web pages are also options if you're sending to a video (as I do with our Sawtooth Willie series) or to a blog post (Read a few lines into the app on your iPhone and link them over!)  

Clammr widget on SorgatronMedia.comA nice addition is the nice widget player that I can install on my site.  This player pops up with the latest audio post, and you have all of the advantages for a new or returning user to explore your content!  

Clammer is iOS for now.  I recommend looking at it if you're exploring new ways to get traction to your content! 

Here's what we have this week:

Basic Sorganomics:  Cameras Everywhere
Basic Sorganomics:
Cameras Everywhere

Today, we’re discussing how Meerkat changed a coffee into an interactive experience, and a camera in the back of an Uber got a cop fired for being a dick.

What do you think of this new filmable world?

“I Want To Hear Your Virgil Stories!” Joe Dombrowski With Open Casting Call For Future DVD!
“I Want To Hear Your Virgil Stories!” Joe Dombrowski With Open Casting Call For Future DVD!

This is going to be a fun project!  Have you ever encountered WWE superstar Virgil in public?  Tell us your story!  
Basic Sorganomics: The Peril of Digital Goods
Basic Sorganomics:
The Peril of Digital Goods

Onlive, an online streaming service for video games, was bought, and immediately pegged for shutdown by Sony.  Tough luck for folks who bought video games or the console for the service…

What is your digital goods level of caution when buying?

AwesomeCast 242: Commoditized Sticks and Buttons
AwesomeCast 242:
Commoditized Sticks and Buttons

The Meerkat vs Periscope conversation continues!  John Chichilla joins in for a new perspective. 

Click for Podcasting for Practitioners video
How To Record, Post and Share a "How To" Video
Thursday, April 30, 20156:00 PM to 8:00 PM
This will be an instructive and delicious experiential event! In our last Meetup, we presented a new way of marketing. (Watch the video here.) The least expensive AND most effective way to market your practice or small/medium business today through internet and social media marketing. Specifically, we suggest you Record, Post and Share your videos. At this Meetup, we'll demonstrate how by producing a How To video for Ankit Goyal, owner of Fresh From The Farm Juices.

Ankit will demonstrate how to prepare a quick and easy, healthy and delicious meal, while recording it on video. Sven and Mike will demonstrate how post it and share it on the web.

Join us to be a member of the audience, enjoy a small taste of Ankit's creation, then choose a delicious vegan, gluten-free and organic meal from the menu, plus a juice of your choice! Visit the website to see the selection. 

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