Urban Immersion-

            Last month we asked you to pray for 2 weeks of Urban Immersion that we’d be hosting in early March. Thank you for your prayers! We feel that the Lord really worked in and through the lives of the 200+ students who joined us in Chicago over their spring breaks. We had students come from as far away as Florida to learn about and engage in urban ministry… from working at soup kitchens and homeless shelters to working on our campuses.
Students had an incredible time engaging their hearts and minds with concepts on God’s heart for the city and the poor and then getting to put those ideas into action. On our campuses they were able to engage students in conversation after conversation about gospel things.
At the Illinois Institute of Technology students approached a girl from Chennai, India named Ashwitha. She is a student that our teammate, Mindy, has already been getting to know.  The week after Urban Immersion she told Mindy that she’d never believe what had happened to her… a group of American students had approached her to talk about the meaning of life and other things she’d been thinking about a lot lately! Ashwitha was surprised at the coincidence, but of course Mindy was not. 
Ashwitha had been thinking about these deeper spiritual things in the few weeks leading up to her conversation with the Urban Immersion students. She was grateful because she feels like she can't talk about it with her roommates because they don't like to talk about it.  She only has a few people who she feels comfortable discussing spiritual things with.  She said she was hanging out in the Student Center before she had to go to work when the two Americans asked if they could do a spiritual questionnaire with her. She said she didn't have a lot of time, but they promised it would be quick.  She said never before has an American asked her for her thoughts about things, like a survey.  Ashwitha said she could not believe that they asked her what she thinks the purpose of life it because it had been on her mind so much in the last few weeks.  She thinks that 'god' wants her to know what it is in light of these circumstances– that she’d been thinking so much about it and then people she’d never expect to discuss it with asked her about it.  She currently goes to a Krishna temple in north Chicago and attends the Vedic Vision Society meetings on the IIT campus every Friday. Mindy is excited to be able to continue to conversation with Ashwitha.


On a personal note-

We’re happy to announce that we’re expecting out second child! Baby Brandt #2 will arrive sometime around the second week in September (our due date is September 11, but Avery was a week and a half early). Avery is pretty oblivious to all that’s going on! He will have just celebrated his second birthday when the newest Brandt arrives. We've been told we're having a baby girl, but the ultrasound technician didn't sound all that sure of herself. For now we're holding off on any pink paint! We’re about 6 months into this pregnancy. Please pray for continued health during the second half. Thanks so much!

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