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Meet the Makers Part 4

MONOCHROME is a cross genre
exhibition that highlights the subtleties
of line, mark, form and texture. 

With work by twenty contemporary makers
the exhibition looks beyond colour and considers
what we would generally term the opposite: all the nuances
between the polarities of black and white. 

Below we celebrate the final
exhibiting makers

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Katharine Swailes

Construction and materials are central to my practice.
I create handwoven tapestries – abstract wall based
and sculptural. Research of historical textiles has been
part of my working practices for the past 35 years, in both
handwoven tapestry and costume construction.


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Mizuki Takahashi

Mark-making is a simple practice of different lines, dots,
patterns, and textures. These marks are sometimes collected from
sketch books, the photographs I have taken, or marks found in daily life.
I enjoy this practice in enamelling as it is both controllable and
non-controllable on the enamelled surface, which also differs
from the firing time and kiln temperature.


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Keith Varney

My hand-built, folded and constructed objects
explore form, line, texture and shade. The interplay of
changing light and the viewer’s perspective give rise to a shift
in perception of the forms; their translucent nature allows
the interiors to reflect a sense of luminosity.


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Jacy Wall

My training as a woven fabric designer
has had a lasting influence on my subsequent practice
as an artist. After graduation I quickly moved into making
one-off woven tapestries, with printmaking later becoming
part of my practice. 


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Matthew Warner

Making Garniture’s allows me to explore numerous ideas;
from the formal use of proportions and ratios, to ideas around
collecting and historic precedence. 


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