Issue 134: March 2, 2018

Tom's Pick
One of my favorite things about the internet is watching craftspeople do their thing. Chris from Clickspring makes the best process videos I have ever seen. The precision, the clarity, oof. I have mentioned his channel before, but the latest video is worth a repeat. He is making an ancient pump drill so that he can faithfully re-create an ancient navigational mechanism. Deep, deep, in the woods. So great.
Dan's Pick
I played a lovely game for iPhone last week called Florence. It was created by the lead designer of Monument Valley, Ken Wong, but is quite different from that game. This one bends more towards interactive narrative. It’s short and worth your three bucks.
We released a very special episode of our podcast this week, with our first ever guest, Max Temkin from Cards Against Humanity. Had a really fun discussion; we should have more guests on in the future!

Enjoy your weekend,
Tom & Dan

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