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Have you ever wondered why money comes so easily to some people?

To someone on the outside it seems like they just naturally win the lottery-that by stroke of circumstance, they are a money magnet, it’s easy for them to make and keep money and they have lots of it. 

In reality, even if it was handed to them on a silver platter, they have managed to keep it and allow more in. That has more to do with a strong money mindset then being lucky. 

After realizing I could change my money beliefs and become one of “those” people, I spent years figuring out exactly how to change my money mindset so that it supported having money come into my life easily and stick around for the party. 

I have spent the last two years teaching other people how to manifest more money into their lives-whether they were entrepreneurs, employees or unemployed. The step by step process is the basis of my latest book Manifest $10K. 

This intersection of abundance, mindset, ease and grace is what you will find in this book. Through inspiring stories of those who have manifested more money into their lives, instructions and an analysis of why you haven’t been successful in the past, I’ll guide you through the process of manifesting $10,000 into your life in the next 90 days in a way that feels simple and fun.

You’ll learn how to:

*Figure out what has been missing that will increase your money manifesting success
*Find the clarity that super charges your personal money magnet
*Create a step by step plan to make manifesting money easy
*Start focusing on the right things when it comes to manifesting
*Escape the never ending manifesting “to-do” list
*Become a rock-star money manifestor

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