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Manna from Heaven: Another Recipe To Warm Your Soul 

Each reader, despite age, should find something within these pages that suits them in a very personal and unique way. Each one should read, expecting to find that special something meant just for them. 

For some it will be to find food for the soul, for some it will be food to touch a heart, again for others it will be food to tickle their taste buds, and for the many it will be food to enjoy. 

The author notes that this is not just a reflection of who God is to her; it’s about how He is to all of us in every aspect of our daily lives. 

It’s about the many things He does for us, even in the smallest detail of our being - how He displays Himself and His goodness even unto the birds of the air and the mighty trees of the forest. 

Maxine Butler herself says, "I believe everyone can relate to at least one story or poem penned in this collection. Then, they can treasure the memories long after closing the covers..." 

This book is recommended for all who are looking for some inspirations to draw from in their daily walk with God. It is especially valuable while going through both our struggles and our triumphs. 

This is not a fantasy of easy life and comfortable amusement. It is rich with both the heights of joy and the depths of heartache. It will stir within you an awareness that in both your best and worst moments, you were not alone. 
Your life cannot be isolated from the reality of a living God who created all things and still orchestrates wonders in the midst of our days. 
There is a simplicity to be found here; not because God is simple, but because He has made Himself known in the simplest things and in the simplest ways. 
The heavens declare His glory, but even His tiniest creatures do the same. 
This book is a call to become alert to His moving about within our lives. 
It is a mixture of moods and methods of writing - all suited to the moment when He shows Himself to us. 

In Manna from Heaven you will not just learn. You will experience what an intimate walk with God looks and feels like. 
Now is the time for you to act. 
Just move to the top of this page can click that orange BUY button. Then you can immediately begin reading and responding to the message of Manna from Heaven on your Kindle, your tablet, smartphone, or other device. 

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