in just TWO weeks from now, it will be Valentine's Day!
we hope everybody all over the world
will feel, remember and treasure
the love and warmth of partnership, friendship and family.

here behind MONOCIRCUS, with the LOVE to make and create,
we celebrate this month of LOVE
with a few new fabulous creations of our very own,
which we hope will charm you
as well as touch that special someone to whom you give.

H  A  P  P  Y     V  A  L  E  N  T  I  N  E  '  S

this pair of earrings started out from a simple spiral design and slowly it was transformed into a form that is reminiscent of a chestnut. 3D printed in holland, this is a pair of charming earrings has a classic simple form that makes it easy to match with a variety of styles and outfits, yet it is also fascinating and intriguing in its intricacy and detail that it is almost like an art piece!

the design came about from observing frills. the observation led to a mathematical composition of up and down curved line in a spherical form. we had this fabricated in Holland with advanced 3D printing technologies, in gold-plated stainless steel! one of the first creations in our collection in golden color! the link chain that comes with the unique pendant is a special two-tone chain in gold-plating and black metal treatment, which makes the item classy, yet funky!

News about an art event:
a drawing of shing's has been selected for a group drawing exhibition at Galerie Shimon at Ginza, Tokyo. the drawing exhibition features amazingly intricate drawings by various artists. 
the exhibition begins from January 28th till February 9th, 2013.  if you happen to be in town, do hope by!
For more information, click on the image above.

this is one pair of ear posts that is a must-have! made in Sterling Silver, Little Foot is created like a little guy who is taking his first step! From afar, this pair of ear posts looks like a simple, elegant droplet of polished silver, but when you take a closer look, you are going to be swept off your feet, seeing the little droplet come alive with little legs! beautiful and classy, yet with a little fun-loving twist! we totally are in love, and we hope you will fall for them too!

this is a 3D printed brooch in black plastic. one of the rare black items we have in monocircus. very intricately designed with little sprouts extending from a rounded base like the mimosa flower, this item is a versatile brooch that will jazz up any tops, cardigans or jackets. a pretty item that will look great even on a plain T-shirt!

a few weeks ago, we were interviewed and are going to be featured in  'atte minne' a column in a free magazine called AFRO FUKUOKA!

on the morning of January 29th, monocircus was featured on Nihon Television in their 'OHA CATCH' feature about 3D printing in OHA!4 NEWS LIVE program! to view the feature, click on the image above.
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