A simple gesture
of adding a brooch pin or a pair of earrings to a simple outfit
works wonders at changing the whole look & impression.
It is this intriguing ability
that not only looks good but also energizes and lifts the spirit
not only of the wearer but also the onlooker.
Monocircus works towards designing creations that embraces such an ability.

Get dressed with our unique items and be invigorated,
ward off this wintry chills
and have a wonderful sweet Valentine's Day.


new works

stylish in its simplest form
for her as well as for him


 machikoba tourism
umeda SOUQ in Osaka
This pop-up event  'Creators Machikoba Tourism' started two days ago at the Umeda Hankyu Department Store in its Umeda SOUQ space and will be on till 5th Feb. Along with 15 other creators, Monocircus is being featured with a large collection of our 3d printed accessories creations.
This coming weekend, we will be standing by our booth at the event to personally meet and serve our guests!

Venue: Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, Umeda SOUQ at 10F

Dates of Event: January 30th to February 5th, 10AM to 8PM

Dates we are present at our booth: February 2 & 3, 10AM to 8PM
Minne My Valentine

 minne  my valentine Hakata Hankyu
From February 6th to 14th, on the level 8 of Hakata Hankyu in Fukuoka City at Yutorie Space,  minne My Valentine , a limited period pop-up event will be featuring a group of creators' works specifically selected by minne. A variety of creations that make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day will be featured along with Monocircus' unique items.

Venue: Hakata Hankyu Department Store, 8F, Yutorie, Fukuoka City

Dates of Event: 
February 6th to 14th, 10AM to 8PM, ends at 7PM on the last day

Dates we are present at the store: February 6 (wed), morning
                                       February 10 (sun), afternoon
                                       February 13 (wed), morning

護国神社 蚤の市

Fukuoka Gokoku Shrine market
February 9th & 10th mark the dates for the Gokoku Shrine Market event that is held at the approach towards the Gokoku Shrine in central Fukuoka City. Monocircus will be putting up our little store in our tent for one day on February 9th (sat)!

This event has been very well-known in Fukuoka with its amazing selection of various goods, accessories, furnitures, clothing and foods! Even in the midst of the cold winter, the event has always been filled with lots of visitors in a heartwarming, festive atmosphere. We are looking forth to being there especially to meet with our regular customers who has been wearing our items, as well as encountering new guests!

Venue: Fukuoka City Gokoku Shrine
view this link for information about the shrine

Dates of Event: February 9th & 10th, 9AM to 4PM

* MONOCIRCUS will be exhibiting ONLY on February 9th, Saturday!

Gallery QUONA

gallery QUONA Exhibition
We will be holding a solo exhibition at a small art gallery in Fukuoka City, Gallery QUONA from February 23rd (sat) till March 3rd (sun).

Beyond being simply worn as accessories as part of an everyday lifestyle, the 'Art' in Monocircus' items gives them a added unique presence that we hope to highlight through this solo exhibition within a quiet artistic space. Amidst the variety of unique designs of Monocircus' items, we hope visitors will personally find that one personal favorite that seems most impressive and desirable. Do drop by and enjoy!

a one-room apartment at 3-14-34-106 Oguzu, Minami ku, Fukuoka City


Dates of exhibition: 
2February 23rd (sat) to March 3rd (sun), 12 noon to 5PM

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