Monocircus NewsLetter June 2015
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June is a period when the season changes.
The trees and plants reveal a deeper green
and the sun shines with more vivacity as summer time gets nearer.
With the growing heat, the theme for deciding what to wear
would be to dress up cool and comfortable.

Monocircus' 3D printed accessories are extremely light-weight,
they are unique and outstanding without being overly garish
and are comfortable to wear,
which makes them a great fit for summer!

The 21st of this month is Father's Day.

Here is a feature of a special selection of 3D printed items
that would make perfect gifts for your Dad!

And this June, we are going to yet another event in Osaka!
It is the Makers' Bazaar Osaka Vol.2!
For more details, read on!

New Works

deer brooch
Deer Brooch The deer is a symbol for elegance, agility and intuition. Historically in American, Indian and Chinese cultures, the deer has been viewed upon as a spiritual animal. It is also said that the appearance of a deer in dreams foretells the coming of good fortune and happiness. The design is intricately modeled to resemble the real deer by closely observing details at various angles of its facial features. This work is created as a monumental brooch of kind, in the hope that it might somehow cause greater kindness and awareness to appreciate, treasure and protect the beauty in all living creatures in Nature.
Paisley Ear Studs The Paisley pattern comes from Persian and Indian traditional design. In India, Brides have their hands and feet painted in elaborate patterns with the natural dye, Henna. This traditional ritual of body painting, known to be Henna Tattoos have beautiful paisley which inspired the creation of this work.Paisley Earrings appear like a flat pattern but if you look close enough, you will notice that the lines and dots of the design are 3 dimensional. An intricate and beautiful item in chic matt black. 

For Dad

June 21st is Father's Day. As we get older, saying 'Thank You' and 'I Love You' to our fathers gets a little tougher and somehow it gets harder to find the courage to express how we feel. Father's Day would be the perfect time to fight that awkwardness and express your love with a special gift! See the selection of items we have here and find that special gift for Dad! Make him smile! 
bow tie
kiku green
Manta iphone 6 case
Ruffly card stand
Cube Penstand
â‘  Bow Tie  Strapless Bow Tie that looks smart and is easy to put on.
â‘¡ Kiku Brooch  Small flower brooch for the jacket.
â‘¢ Pocket Square  a business card case that doubles up as a pocket handkerchief.
â‘£ Manta  a unique accessory for iphone 6 for comfort grip.

⑤ Ruffly Card Stand   a unique object that holds cards upright. 
â‘¥ Cube Pen Stand for the Meticulous  a beautiful object that holds 25 pens or pencils upright. A perfect item for the work desk!

All of the above are Monocircus' original idea and design!

Makers Bazaar Osaka Vol.2


On June 27th & 28th, 2015, Monocircus will be part of the exhibition 'Makers Bazaar Osaka Vol.2' which will be held at the Osaka ATC Hall ITM 3F exhibition area.  
The exhibition features over 100 Makers and their original products in a variety of fields such as mechanics and electronic products involving technology such as 3D printing, Laser cutting technology, software development and other digital equipments and new materials.
A main feature in the event is the latest 3D printing technology and as part of the feature, Monocircus was invited to exhibit and sell our 3D printed accessories and products, not just because of the technology our items are produced in but also the uniqueness and aesthetics of our designs. 

Admission is free.

Venue:Osaka ATC Hall ITM 3F exhibition area
Date & Time:June 27 to 28, 10 am to 5 pm

Rapid 2015, 3D printed jewelry competition organized by Design Museum Boston 


The Rapid Jewelry Competition, a 3D printed jewelry competition organized by the Design Museum Boston had its fashion show held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel on May 23, 2015. Monocircus' 'Gregarious' necklace was nominated as one of the semi-finalists of the competition and was featured in the fashion show! 
'Gregarious' is composed of multiple rhombus-shaped units in a gradation of various sizes, creating a rhythmic 'movement' in the simple yet elegant design.
Below are some photo documentation of the fashion show.

In the photo below, the second model from the right is wearing our 'Gregarious' necklace.

MONOCIRCUS is a design atelier opened from 2011. Among the many art works, interior design, architecture and other projects we undertake, a main feature is the 3D printed fashion accessories items that are available in its online store at MONOCIRCUS.COM To know more about us, please click here 

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