If you missed the AGM, here's part 1 of a summary:
Who runs the Centre?
What's the Centre for?
What did we do in 2015?
Full AGM reports & audio here
At our recent AGM, Jvalamalini explained: 

Who runs the Centre?

In a way, no-One!  Essentially and ideally Bristol Buddhist Centre is run by the values we share in the Three Jewels, by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, by Bodhichitta. It is part of a project far too big to manage as our small ordinary selves...
In our Sangha, the influence of the Buddhas comes to us through Sangharakshita.
Dharmacharins (Dharmafarers, Order Members) are those who've made a wholehearted commitment to live out the influence of the Three Jewels in the Triratna Buddhist Order. We're united by our values, and reach out to this suffering world in different individual ways - as symbolised by the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara with his 1000 arms. For some of us our altruistic activity is through a Buddhist Centre, and it those of us for whom this responsibilty is a main emphasis who take the decisions. Who runs Bristol Buddhist Centre? (audio from AGM)

So Bristol Buddhist Centre is run by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Learn more about ordination and being in the Triratna Buddhist Order in these talks:
the Benefits of Being in the Order - Paraga
What it's like to be an Order Member - Surata 
Ordination and the Unity of the Sangha - Subhadramati
Dreaming Angels - Vajratara
Why Ordination, Why an Order? - Maitreyi
Triratna Buddhist Community in Bristol is a registered charity. Most Bristol Order Members are members of the charity, and from within that membership some are part of the council which directly runs the Centre.
2015 Trustees
Taranita talks about serving as a Trustee
2015 Centre Team
(plus Amaladevi, Achalavira & Silajala at start of year)
Khemajoti talks about what she does

And loads of people help run the Centre:

(click pics to hear more)
Judith is Treasurer & Finance Manager
Vimalavajri helps with programming
Some regular volunteers in 2015:
Volunteers and team members you're likely to meet at Wednesday Morning Sangha Works:

Manjuvajra is President


there's all our many wonderful volunteer 
  • Class Leaders & Teachers
  • Study Group Leaders
  • Retreat Leaders and Organisers
  • Class & Course Supporters


everyone who's ever been friendly, meditated, studied, given money...

You all make the Centre!

What is the Centre For?

For manifesting the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha by creating and unifying Sangha to be a beacon and refuge in this troubled world.

What the Centre's for - audio

What did we do in 2015?

To unify, strenthen and deepen the sangha in 2015 we had 3 main new emphases:

The Generosity Economy

means us all acting from our inspiration and sharing responsibility for keeping the Three Jewels shining in Bristol. 2015 was our first year of this radical system, and it's going well. The Sangha was generous and expenses carefully controlled, so we made a small surplus. But we really need to expand the Centre Team.  Could you help?  email us to increase your direct debit or start one here.

If not us, then who?

Activities included:

  • Living in the Mandala rainy season retreat led by Ratnavandana
  • Dharma Door of Love - big sangha retreat led by Bhadra
  • Full Moon Pujas - new in 2015
  • Going Deeper in Meditation - new Sat mornings, existing Weds lunchtimes
  • Mitra groups
  • Mornings for women mitras training for ordination led by Khemajoti & Moksanandi
  • Buddhist Action Month - more engagement in 2015 facilitated by Kamalamani
  • International Urban Retreat facilitated by Jvalamalini
  • various other retreats, festivals and special events

Sustainable Sangha

Also in 2015, Kamalamani facilitated the Sustainable Sangha initiative, we fitted solar pv panels, and were awarded a Triratna Sustainable Centre Certificate.
If you'd like to listen to the full recording of Jvalamalini's presentation to the AGM, or read our official report to the Charity Commission, with accounts, you can do that here.
Look out for Part 2 in a week or so:

What can we imagine and create in the future?

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