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Happy June, Co-op friends and fans!

Photo: GM Dan - unmasked.One constant of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the way that it’s caused us to have to change what we’re doing, pivot on a dime and make tough decisions on the fly. Well, even as we (hopefully), head toward the end of this crisis we were thrown another curveball at the end of last week (a couple days after my last email to you.) PG County Executive Angela Alsobrooks decided to follow the Governor in ending the mask mandate as we’ve known it. This decision left businesses like ours in a very difficult position. Follow the new approach or attempt to enforce our own stricter approach. I’ve been watching the “mask wars” closely over this past year at other retailers and co-ops across the country and have been dismayed at the ways that lack of governmental mask mandates have put the employees of these businesses in untenable positions trying to enforce in-store bans sometimes to the point of screaming confrontations and even sometimes physical altercations. In consult with the board and managers at the Co-op we decided that we would not put our valued staff members in this predicament, and we would follow the approach of the CDC and our state and county leadership. Masks are still required for unvaccinated people inside the Co-op and strongly encouraged for all. However, with no mechanism to “know” if someone is vaccinated businesses are not in any position to verify this. I understand that this may be frustrating to many of you, but I hope you understand. 85% of staff have done as we asked and incentivized and gotten fully vaccinated. Our Pharmacy has gone out of its way to make the vaccine available to everyone who needs it. And the science does seem to suggest that people who are vaccinated are very safe from getting Covid-19 and from transmitting it to others. Unvaccinated people are at risk, though and SHOULD wear masks or get vaccinated. We are still able to provide curbside service if any of you do not wish to come into the store.
No one will be made to feel bad for wearing or not wearing a mask at the Co-op and we intend to be a mask-friendly business. Thank you for understanding as we continue to navigate the pandemic. (Note: since the Pharmacy is a health facility, we do require masks at the window of the Pharmacy.)
Let's talk about donuts
Photo: Ashley with Donuts.People sometimes rail against all the so-called made-up holidays out there (and honestly, we can all agree that National Typewriter Day probably doesn’t really need celebrating), but we ARE deeply in favor of an important upcoming holiday National Donut Day, Friday, June 4! Please join us in commemorating, recognizing, and celebrating this wonderful baked delight. In years past, y’all have made short work of our donuts so we’re going to make sure we have a whole bunch of donuts ready for your enjoyment this Friday! Many of you are heading back into offices and workplaces, make the transition a little brighter with donuts on Donut Day, your coworkers will be glad you did! Think of the crullers, won’t you?

Local flowers and plants, popcorn and CBD!
Photo: Bouquets of flowers.We continue to feature the most wonderful handmade bunches of specialty flowers from local flower Farmer Kim at Castle Bridge Farm. These beautiful bouquets are certain to brighten up any table, desk, or a friend’s life! They are on a table in the front windows so you may have missed them but don’t miss out! They’re delivered every Wednesday and are really spectacular. We’re still excited to be getting plants from Farmer Pam at Calvert Farms each week. We’re starting to move past vegetable and herbs (though we still have some) and moving to other flowering plants so check them out later this week.

Photo: Capitol KettleCorn.Capitol Kettle Corn is one of our newest vendors and we’re excited to be selling their small batch popcorn. We have sweet varieties like Kettle Corn and Sweet Brown Sugar as well as a vegan cheddar! These popcorns are on an end cap on aisle 6 near the cookies.

Photo: Hummingbird Farms CBD.Perhaps you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about with CBD (cannabidiol, the non-THC oil from hemp)? We’re excited to feature CBD products from Hummingbird Farms. Hummingbird Farms are famous in the Co-op for their wonderful tomatoes but recently they started growing industrial hemp to make CBD products and it’s been great! It’s really special to have locally produced CBD products. These are available on the end cap near the candy in the pharmacy.

Photo: Sushi.Do you know that we get freshly made sushi every day at the Co-op? Yep, it’s true. We recently moved them to the grab and go deli case at the end of the freezer aisles. You’ll find an increased selection including a larger variety of vegetarian sushi and even a wonderful light and fresh Veggie Spring Roll. Make Tuesday, Sushi Day for 25% off your purchase!

Deli dinner nights!
Photo: Creamy Cashew Carbonara.We cook so you don't have to!

Meatless Monday on June 7 will be Macro Vegetarian's Creamy Cashew Carbonara with Tofurkey Italian Sausage and a side salad, for $7.99.

Photo: Wed. Chicken Dinner for 2.Ultimate Chicken Dinner Wednesday has two size options- Dinner for 2: 4-pieces of our delicious roasted chicken, and a choice of 2-small sides, plus 2-soft rolls for only $4.99. Family Dinner for 4: 8-pieces of roasted chicken, 4-soft rolls, and 2-large sides: mac 'n cheese and coleslaw or potato salad for an amazing $6.99! Best deal in town, we think so and so do many of you!

Photo: Salmon Fillet.Fish Friday at the Co-op continues to be the favorite dinner night of the week with a generous portion of Salmon baked in Himalayan pink sea salt and garlic butter, whole grain brown rice and steamed broccoli for just $7.99.

All of these are available at the Deli from 4-7 pm. Pre-order if you like by calling  301-474-0522, before 1 pm on the day of the meal.

Get your summer on! 

Dan Gillotte
Greenbelt Co-op GM and E-mail Guy

From Social Media

Photo: June Dairy Month.Today is #WorldMilkDay and we are celebrating June Dairy Month at the Co-op! Be sure to pick up the sheet of money saving coupons at the registers. Also combat the summer heat with creamy fruit and veggie smoothies made with milk, non-dairy alternatives or yogurt ingredients. Dark Cherry Smoothie Recipe | Co+op, welcome to the table.

Patron Appreciation Day

Photo: Discount Day Save 5%June Patron Appreciation Day will be Wednesday, June 30.
Customers will receive a 5% discount on purchases.*
*Excluding: Chicken Meal Deals, Gift Cards, Stamps, Prescriptions, and Online Orders.

Curbside pickup 7-days a week!

Photo: Jessica loads curbside order.Here are four great reasons our customers are using Co-op's curbside pickup:
  1. I can now order beer and wine! (ID MUST be presented every time you order.)
  2. I can shop for groceries online 24/7 comfortably from home.
  3. I can select a convenient time to pick-up my groceries.
  4. The in-store shoppers are helpful and friendly.
Ready to shop? Visit: Greenbelt Co-op Supermarket and Pharmacy Delivery or Pickup in Greenbelt, MD (
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