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Hello Co-op friends and fans!

Photo: GM Dan - unmasked.Let's Party!
We’re super excited for this holiday weekend and hope you are, too. It’s a great time to have a cook-out, a picnic, and visit with friends and family. I hope whatever you are doing it’s relaxing, refreshing, and fun and that you use the Co-op for whatever part of the weekend we can help you with!

Wine tastings are a go!
Photo: Wine Tasting.We’re delighted to be able to offer wine tastings again at the Co-op, starting this Friday, July 2! We’ll see you from 4-7 p.m. as Jeremy selects and samples out some fine wine for folks 21+. We’ll do this every Friday, so put it on your calendar and we’ll make a Co-op date of it!

Grill it and chill out
Photo: Grilled Corn.Our ad this week says, “If it’s edible, it can be grilled” and we stand by this statement. There are some things that are perfect for grilling, and we’ve got them for you!

Here’s your grilling checklist: Corn, Onions, your favorite veggies (peppers, eggplant, mushrooms all make great grill friends), plant-based burgers and brats (like Beyond Burgers, Tofurky Brats or Field Roast Franks), steaks, house made burgers, hot dogs, etc. Don’t forget the charcoal!

Photo: Teddy Slicing Watermelon.Watermelon is an essential 4th of July weekend item and we’ve got plenty of them for you for just $4.99 each this week! Can’t eat a whole one, we’re slicing up quarter watermelons every day for you!

Sides make the meal so don’t forget coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, or mac and cheese. The deli has you covered with some tasty versions of these items that you don’t have to bother making!

Photo: Sparkling Water.Stay cool in whatever you do with refreshing co-op drinks: sparkling waters in all flavors and brands (I like plain seltzer with a squirt of lime), how about a session beer from a local brewery to keep you going or maybe even a rosé wine? We’ve got plenty of alcoholic or non-alcoholic choices for you this holiday weekend. What’s your must have 4th of July beverage and grilling item?

If you go to the fireworks, stay safe and have fun!

The new deal at the New Deal Café
Photo: NDC Open Interview.We’re so pleased with the incredibly positive response from our community (and so many of you), regarding our planned collaboration with the New Deal Café to open up and run the food and beer, and wine over there! We’re so excited! We had a most excellent hiring event on Saturday and brought several new Co-op staff members on board to help serve our community food and beverages in the coming weeks and years! We’re running as fast as we can to open up because you (and we), can’t wait! BUT, we need to make sure we have success so we’re still moving at a deliberate pace which is to say we won’t be open tomorrow. But we will be open in late July and are so looking forward to serving you!

The plan is to have a “soft open” with limited fanfare and a small menu and shorter hours which will increase over a couple weeks. In fact, we’re not even going to tell you the first day we’re open, it’ll be a surprise. We’re doing this so we can manage the numbers of people coming to a reasonable level and get our systems in place so that everyone gets a good experience, and we don’t overwhelm our new crew. By August 6, we’re planning to begin “regular” hours as music programming returns to the Café! The remainder of August will still feature a smaller menu that we plan to add items to by early September. Nonetheless, whether you are there on day one or weeks later we’re going to get you something you like, and we’ll have something for everyone!

The Co-op approach to the New Deal Café will be a groovy neighborhood coffee shop with beer/wine and breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. In our soft opening period, here’s what you can expect right out of the gate: Great coffee drinks (based on Zeke’s coffee in DC (and Baltimore)), with real milk and plant-based milks (at no extra charge), fresh baked goods (croissants, biscuits, donuts, turnovers, and even vegan muffins), fresh baked bagels and spreads, soups, breakfast sandwiches, and the introduction of real fruit smoothies to Roosevelt Center!

Once dinner is rolled out you can expect crowd-pleasing entrees made by our Co-op cooks (and friends like Dodah’s Kitchen), such as ribs, roasted chicken breasts and half chickens, fried chicken legs, thighs and drums, traditional and vegan lasagna, and baked salmon. We’ll also have sides to choose from like: traditional and vegan mac and cheese, handmade potato wedges, tater tots, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, coleslaw, and potato salad. We’ll also have plenty of favorite appetizers like hush puppies, mozzarella sticks, fries, and more!

Expect a cool selection of beer and wine, too (available all day), with many of your favorites from the Co-op making their appearance at the Café.

Hopefully, this sounds exciting and yummy to you! Ashley and her team are gearing up to provide great food and beverages for you at the New Deal Café starting late July!

And while Co-op will be cooking more than ever before for you, we will still have our regular “dinner nights” at the Co-op, too.

Photo: Spinach Lasagna.Meatless Monday is cancelled for JULY 5, though but will resume on July 12,  with fan favorite Dodah’s Kitchen Spinach Lasagna and side salad for $7.99!

Photo: Wed. Chicken Dinners.Ultimate Chicken Dinner Wednesday has two size options- Chicken Dinner for 2: 4-piece roasted chicken, 2 small sides-YOUR CHOICE, 2 rolls for $4.99. FAMILY Chicken: 8-piece chicken, 4 rolls & 2 large sides: mac 'n cheese & a choice of potato salad or coleslaw-$6.99!

Photo: Salmon Fillet.Fish Friday dinner is a hearty Salmon fillet baked in Himalayan pink sea salt and garlic butter, with brown rice & steamed broccoli for $7.99.

All meals are available for pick-up at the deli from 4-7 p.m. You are welcome to pre-order by calling (301) 474-0522 by 1 p.m. on the day of the meal.
Happy Independence Day all, see you around the Co-op!

Dan Gillotte
Greenbelt Co-op GM and E-mail Guy

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Photo: Happy 4th of July w/hours.

Patron Appreciation Day

Photo: Discount Day Save 5%June Patron Appreciation Day will be Wednesday, June 30.
Customers will receive a 5% discount on purchases.*
*Excluding: Chicken Meal Deals, Gift Cards, Stamps, Prescriptions, and Online Orders.

Curbside pickup 7-days a week!

Photo: Jessica loads curbside order.Here are four great reasons our customers are using Co-op's curbside pickup:
  1. I can now order beer and wine! (ID MUST be presented every time you order.)
  2. I can shop for groceries online 24/7 comfortably from home.
  3. I can select a convenient time to pick-up my groceries.
  4. The in-store shoppers are helpful and friendly.
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