When Did We Forget to Dream Big?
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When Did We Forget to Dream Big?

About a month or so ago, my pastor asked this daring question, "When did 'we' forget to dream big?'" Almost immediately, I knew the answer. What would you say? When is the last time you dreamed big? I mean, "This prayer, this dream, this 'ask' is impossible without God...big?"

Big means, "of considerable size, extent, or intensity; of considerable importance or seriousness." It's origin literally meaning, "to inhabit."

Dreaming BIG:
  1. Requires remarkability and risk. In the Remarkable Foundations Course, we opened a conversation about the "remarkability" factor. Having lives defined by expanded capacity and untapped potential. If I dare to "dream big," I open myself to possibilities, yes, but also to disappointment and maybe even failure. Last night, Olympic Gymnast, Simone Biles, took a tumble/bobble on the balance beam that cost her the gold medal. Sure, she took the bronze medal, and had a great, remarkable attitude about it, but she wanted the gold.
  2. Requires the discomfort of hard work and elbow grease. Dreaming big will blow the borders of your carefully crafted comfort zones.
Remarkable Women, I'll be checking in with you throughout the week, over on Facebook, and we'll be talking more about Jesus's thoughts on "dreaming big." Will you join me in asking, dreaming, believing God for "big" things? I'll share my heart if you share yours (smile).

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