We are the Easter people.
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Seven Holy Days.

Setting aside time and sacred space to think about God.

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
Pope John Paul II

Setting Aside Time
The word "holy" doesn't get thrown around too much these days, but it is an important word. The clearest definition I have ever heard is simply, "Being set apart for sacred use." The key: set apart. Clearing space and making room for something special to happen. When I consider my life, I set apart time and space for the people I love and the things I love to do. Theologian and Author, A. W. Tozer, offers seven indicators or rules of self discovery:
1. What we want most;
2. What we think about most;
3. How we use our money;
4. What we do with our leisure time;
5. The company we enjoy;
6. Who and what we admire;
7. What we laugh at.”

This upcoming week is known on the Christian calendar as "Holy Week." The most important seven days of the faith life. Even Hollywood knows this--as Nat Geo, CBS, and NBC all launch telepics this week. My intention this Holy Week is to delve into Tozer's Seven Rules of Self-Discovery. But, first, I have to set apart time and space in an effort to make room for God.

Creating Sacred Space.

"Jesus repeatedly left the crowds, though, stealing away into the wilderness to pray" (Luke 5:16, The Voice).

As Pope John Paul II so beautifully wrote, "We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." This incredible thought leads me into my very own Holy Week Retreat. I'd love for you to join me. We don't have to travel anywhere, in fact, we only have to create sacred space; grab our headphones, laptop, Bible, and finally, set aside fifteen minutes, max. If you only have five minutes, that is perfect. Start somewhere.

Holy Week Reflections

Let today be your preparation day and then begin your journey on Palm Sunday (see below for your Palm Sunday reflections). Beginning Monday, your daily guide for reflection and meditation will be delivered to your inbox. I'm so excited to begin this journey with you. This year, Holy Week takes on even greater meaning to me.

Hallelujah is Our Song.
Having spent from mid-January to now in rest and recovery mode, it seems Resurrection Sunday couldn't come at a better time. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song.

Let Holy Week Begin.

I seemingly stumbled across this incredibly useful tool and am so eager to share it with you. This week, we'll be utilizing the prayer site, Pray as you go. In the tradition of the Jesuits, we will join them as they look at the Passion of Christ through the eyes of the women in the Passion Narratives. Bookmark this page: Lenten Retreat 2015. For each day of Holy Week, we will:
  1. Listen to a short meditative exercise (15 minutes max).
  2. Think about or if you like, write in your journal, responses to the prompts given.
  3. Reflect on the Holy Week Art.
  4. Move through the day with eyes to see and ears to hear the whispers of God.
If you have any questions about the process, feel free to email me,

Today's Meditative Exercise: Listen to Introduction, Women of the Passion.
Today's Reflection: Sacred Space

Additional Readings & Resources for either Holy Week or post-Holy Week. If the practice of stillness is a bit out of your comfort zone, as it was mine some twenty-five years ago, I encourage reading the short excerpt from Pico Iyer's The Art of Stillness or listening to a portion of his interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. I enjoyed this even more knowing my Candace Rose had illustrated a BBC Travel story written by Mr. Iyer. Will you share your insights?

We are a community of women desiring to leave a God-sized legacy. I can't do it without you and can I be bold enough to say you can't do it without me? We need each other. Please hop over to and join the Holy Week conversation--leaving your thoughts in the comment section. And, please feel free to share this with your friends and family.
Today's Meditative Exercise: Women of the Passion, Session One
Today's Reflection: Sacred Space
Holy Week Art: (see column to the right)
Palm Sunday Reflection
Art heals my soul. I can't count the times I've stood in front of a masterpiece and felt a miraculous calm come over me. Sister Joan Chittister affirms, "Art draws the soul and lifts it above the mundane." Today's visual feast: "Pietro Lorenzetti's (c. 1320), "Entry of Christ into Jerusalem" (a fresco housed in Assissi, Italy). For more, join me right here.
Create Sacred Space
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