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A Bloom of Spring Activity

and Announcements


This spring has been a busy one for all of us at the Orangutan Conservancy and we'd like to give you an update on several projects.

Let's start, though, with an announcement about something that is coming soon.

2015 marks the 10th Anniversary of our organization and we're planning a very special event to mark the occasion. 


Please save the date of September 19th

for OC's "A River Runs Through It"

Anniversary gala.  

Though it's months away OC's fundraiser team is hard at work planning out a wonderful day for those who attend.  We hope you'll join us.  Let us know if you'd like us to hold a spot for you as there will only be room for an estimated 75 guests at this special outdoor affair.

As the photo shows, the afternoon festivities will be held on the gorgeous grounds of a private Los Angeles estate that has its own year-round stream cascading right through the backyard.  The concept of water alone is enough to get us excited here in the City of Angels right now, but add in a big event with gourmet food, live music, exciting silent auction items and expert guest speakers talking about orangutans and the rainforest and we're doubly excited.

OC Out and About

This Season

OC had the great privilege of sharing our message of orangutan protection at two recent events in California. 

On Earth Day 2015 we joined our friends at the
California Orangutan Alliance for a terrific event at JPL/NASA for their Earth Day Fair.

When you think of NASA you think of the stars and there were plenty of them from the science world in attendance for the outdoor event.  The JPL employee fair had a huge turnout and OC talked about the plight of orangutans and what needs to be done to turn things around for Asia's sole Great Ape. 

The second event that we set up our booth at was for the Earth Fair at California State University Northridge (CSUN) where hundreds of students and faculty enjoyed the sunny weather to celebrate our big blue marble. 

Those who stopped by to talk to OC learned about the main
threats to orangutans and what they can do to help spread the word and affect change.  How to avoid palm oil, creating public awareness campaigns and even having a chance to see the incredible arm span of an orangutan were some of the things that attendees experienced.

We even shot some
video of the event , so please have a look.


Look at those smiling faces above.  How lucky are we to have them on the OC team?  Very. These enterprising students from Portland State University are part of the Capstone "Grant Writing for Animals: Orangutans" class that is taught by none other than OC's own grant writing guru Kimberly Mukobi. 

The university and the student teams have chosen OC to be their community partners and are devoting the entire semester to writing new grant proposals for OC. This will no doubt result in more funding that we will be able to put directly into the field in 2016.  Thanks to our new friends for all of your hard work and enthusiasm.

You look great in your Save the Orangutan wristbands too!

   Show Your Orangutan



If you'd like your own "Save the Orangutan" wristband, click on the photo above and order yours

Your purchase helps to support
our mission throughout the year.


The Orangutan Conservancy would like to thank Portland State University for selecting us as their NGO community partner.

Also thank you to Mary for the wonderful photo of the stream.


Recent News
at OC

Orangutan Conservancy
Funding Report

Springtime is funding time at OC as we've just made substantial contributions to two projects in Indonesia that are working to save orangutans and the rainforest that they call home.

In the past few months OC has supported important initiatives that we believe in and that are in alignment with our mission.

The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop) is familiar to our supporters as an amazing organization that protects the rainforest through various conservation efforts.  You may recall that we funded their emergency firefighting team last fall when illegal burning was rampant in Borneo.

Saving the peatland through dam-building

In recent years, illegal loggers in Sabangau removed timber from the forest by floating it out along specially-constructed canals dug into the peat. This is extremely damaging, as the canals rapidly dry the peat, which leads to peat degradation and leaves the peat at high risk from fire. To address this problem, OuTrop is working to dam illegal logging canals in the area, thus helping keep the swamp wet and prevent fire.

OuTrop's peat re-wetting through dam building project is well underway, and OC is now on the team well before the next dry season begins.  Check out the hard, time-consuming work that dam building requires in this video from OuTrop.

Fazhren at SOCP

And just this month, we answered the call when our longtime colleagues at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) approached us for help at their rescue and quarantine station at Batu Mbelin.

Over 220 rescued orangutans have passed through the center on their way to being released into the wild.  Some, who are injured or ill, will eventually call Orangutan Haven home, but all of them need a spacious and comfortable temporary space before they move to permanent forested areas. 

The quarantine cages for longer stay orangutan residents  - like Fazhren and Leuser - are just not sufficient enough in size for the large, older male orangutans who need a lot of space to spread out until Orangutan Haven is finished.  As such, SOCP is constructing a new facility with more than ample cage space for the big fellas.

As you might guess, home-sized cages made of stainless steel do not come cheap, and we're glad to contribute toward the seventy-thousand dollar cost for the new construction.

The cage building effort still requires much more funding in the months ahead.  If you haven't supported us recently please consider doing so, and let us know if you'd like your donation to go specifically toward this project.


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