Summer 2016 Heats Up at OC 

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Summertime often conjures up thoughts of rest and relaxation.  Maybe it's catching up on a good book, spending some quality time with family and friends, or perhaps just finding a bit more time to smell the proverbial roses.

But at the Orangutan Conservancy, summer time actually means busy time.  With support spread out over five projects in Indonesia, and staging our homegrown OC/OVAG Workshop, as the weather heats up so does our work schedule.

Ironically, as summer activity increases, our donations slow down.  The dog days of summer inevitably bring a lull in the funding that we require to keep our conservation mission thriving so that we can aid projects both logistically and financially.

Projects like The Orangutan Kutai Project in Kalimantan, Borneo, where the photo above of the mother and baby comes from.  OC has funded this important research effort for six years, and to continue to do so we appeal to you now to take just a moment out of your day to make a donation to our cause.

With your donation today you'll help one of these projects tomorrow that are collectively doing their part to save orangutans at rescue centers and in the wild. 

Thank you for being there for us!

If you'd like a summer "Save the Orangutan" wristband, just click on the photo to order yours today. 

Your purchase helps to support
our mission throughout the year.

See the smiling lady in the middle? 

That's none other than OC Board member Raffaella Commitante who is in Indonesia this week before heading north to Malaysia to run the OC/OVAG Workshop.

Here, Raff poses with, well, a lot of also-smiling healthcare workers from the BOSF Samboja Lestari Orangutan Reintroduction Program.   Each member of this fine team - over 160 in all - require uniforms as they conduct their daily work of rescuing and rehabilitating orang

OC provided those uniforms two years ago and we'll be doing so again soon.  Your support will help to keep smiles on all of those faces that orangutans look to for a hopeful future. 


                      One Success at a Time

In the ongoing battle to protect the remaining orangutans, oftentimes it comes down to saving one at a time, as is the case of this recent rescue by the Orangutan Information Center in Sumatra. This malnourished baby was being kept as an illegal pet, but now has the chance for a bright future thanks to OIC.  OC is thankful to offer our support to this terrific group. (photo by ANTARA FOTO/Irsan Mulyadi)

The OC/OVAG  Vet Workshop 
Kicks Off Next Week

Last summer I had the honor of joining in at the Orangutan Conservancy's Vet Workshop on Java.  Though I'd been writing about the event for OC for several years this was my first opportunity to see the workshop in action.

It only took a few hours on site to understand the importance that this annual reunion holds for the Indonesian and Malaysian orangutan vets and rescue facility managers that attend.

The OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop isn't just a chance for wildlife doctors to get together and talk about orangutans - it's the one time a year when these top primate caregivers are able to work side by side together while sharing and gaining knowledge.

The sheer amount of information that's provided to the attendees in a period of five days is staggering. 

Lectures, labs, crisis scenarios, team building exercises, OC/OVAG provides enormous content for the eager participants.

OC, along with our partners and supporters like you, funds the entire workshop.

The 2016 gathering unfolds in Sabah, Malaysia from July 24-28.

After the vets leave this 8th Workshop they'll head back to their forest facilities, fortified anew to tackle another year of challenging battles to save the orangutans in their care.

Please view our video from the most recent Workshop and stay tuned to our website for daily reports from OC/OVAG 2016!





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