October Falls

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OC Announces Latest Round of 

 Fall Funding

Remember when you were a kid and fall arrived?  Like us you probably couldn't wait to jump into a fresh pile of recently raked-up leaves!

Well, we might not be launching ourselves into leaf piles these days, but in that same autumn spirit the team at the Orangutan Conservancy are jumping in to support several conservation projects that are near and dear to us. 

Maybe it's the crisp temperatures of the season and those gorgeous orange leaves that remind us of our orangutan friends in the forest, but autumn has us in high gear.

In recent weeks we've made contributions to two important orangutan conservation projects - one in Borneo the other in Sumatra.

Dr. Anne Russon's Orangutan Kutai Project has been a valuable source of information about wild orangutans since 2009. OKP's research focuses on the ranging behavior of wild orangutans at the Kutai National Park in Borneo.

Ranging offers a good overview of orangutans' needs, social lives, energy management, flexibilities and limits.  
And what's really exciting to us is that some of the news coming out of this area is very encouraging for the future of orangutans.

We're very happy to make this project a part of our core mission in 2014. 

Orangutan Haven, continues in its planning stages, and OC just made our second-round of funding to this exciting endeavor from the inspiring Dr. Ian Singleton.  When Ian isn't busy saving the Leuser Ecosystem, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise climate change awareness, or tending to the many rescued orangutans at SOCP's rehabilitation and quarantine centers, he and his team are continually developing the future islands near Medan that will soon be the semi-wild home to many unreleaseable orangutans.  Leuser and other orangutans like him will always have a forest home because of Orangutan Haven. 

You can follow the progress in the coming months on the Orangutan Conservancy website.

We will continue to support this project as it moves toward completion in the forest of Sumatra.

Click on the photo below to see a great video about Orangutan Haven

A View of Orangutan Haven

A view of the central ridge at the site of
Orangutan Haven


Wear the orange this season and show your support for wild orangutans!

We only have a limited amount of our popular wristbands left. 

If you'd like your own "Save the Orangutan" wristband, click on the photo above to order yours
today, before we run out.

Your purchase helps to support
our mission this autumn and throughout the year. 


The Orangutan Conservancy would like you to have a copy of our 2014 brochure.  To receive one just click on the image above and we'll send it right out to you. 

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Fall Happenings

at OC...

OC Graduate Reza

How fast four years flies. 

It was then that the Orangutan Conservancy began sponsoring the university education of conservation student Reza Yogapermana from Indonesia.  

And now just like that he's graduating.

With flying colors Reza graduates in October with a degree in Environmental Sciences at Triskati University, near Jakarta.  

We're very proud of our scholarship recipient and know he'll be a person that makes a real difference in conservation in his homeland.

As Reza said to us in a recent letter, "Now I'm one step closer to my dream."  It's been OC's pleasure to take you through this part of the journey, Reza. 

OC board member and renowned primatologist
Dr. Anne Russon

OC'S own Dr. Anne Russon and her work were just featured in a wonderful story in the New Yorker.  The story titled "An Orangutan Learns To Fish" can be read here.

OC's new Board member

OC would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Board member, Betty Risinger Dunbar.  Betty's passion for animals and their wild spaces, combined with her exemplary business skills, makes her a great addition to our Board. 

If you'd like to learn more about the entire Board of the Orangutan Conservancy visit our People page.

And this just in at press time...

 Fighting fires near Sabangau

Just as we were about to publish this month's E-Bulletin, we received an emergency plea from our friends at The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop). 

The message from Central Kalimantan is that fires have broken out near the OuTrop project in the Sabangau Forest and they need our help.  

Mark Harrison and his team are no strangers to fires during the dry season and this year looks like a big one.  The OC team responded quickly and we are sending emergency funds right away.  OuTrop will then fund
CIMTROP- the locally led community patrol team who are working around the clock to extinguish the fires.

Mark writes..." In Sabangau’s Natural Laboratory, where we have our main base, the patrol team has already extinguished two fires that were on the forest edge. There are reports of fires further south in the National Park, and in Kalampangan in the eastern Sabangau catchment the patrol team is now working 24 hours to stop a fire that has entered the forest there. It has become very clear that 2014 is not just a brief fire season but could develop into a very serious one. "

If you can help us with this effort please go to our donate now page.  Together we can help OuTrop get a handle on this dire situation.

OuTrop works throughout
the year
protecting, restoring and regenerating orangutan habitat.  Let's show them now how much we appreciate their continued efforts. 

A view through the haze
of recent fire destruction


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