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The Orangutan Conservancy knows that continued awareness of and great care for orangutans must happen each and every week of the year.  

Each November, though, we join in line with dozens of like-minded organizations and collectively raise our voices to generate even greater positive and lasting impact for our forest friends.

It's called Orangutan Caring Week, and we know you'll be active doing your part too for orangutans during this important global event.

The 2015 theme - working together toward sustainable solutions - reflects the much-needed collaborative approach to orangutan conservation that is a necessity if orangutans are going to stand a fighting chance for future survival.

We ask you to be part of a growing movement from November 8-15 as we unify with orangutan advocates from around the world to speak loud for Asia's threatened great ape during Orangutan Caring Week 2015.

What can you do?

Hold a fundraiser, post on the web, make a poster, talk with family, friends and co-workers about the plight of orangutans, tell a supermarket where you shop to sell only sustainably harvested palm oil, write to governmental officials here and in Indonesia asking for better protections for orangutans, donate to a conservation group like ours to help support research, rescue and reintroduction programs, volunteer for a orangutan organization...the possibilities are limitless.

Let us know what you have planned for Orangutan Caring Week and we'll feature you on our Facebook page and even send you a "Save the Orangutan" wristband as our way of saying thank you for joining the fight. 

CIMTROP fire fighters battle one of hundreds of fires in Indonesia  (see story at right)


One way to show your support for orangutans during Orangutan Caring Week is wear your own "Save the Orangutan" wristband,

Click on the wristband photo above and order yours

Your purchase helps to support
our mission throughout the year.


   Primatologist Dr. Anne Russon discusses her 
      work at OC's 10th Anniversary Fundraiser

The Orangutan Conservancy's President Norm Rosen, along with Lorna Rosen (l), host Laura Cohen and OC's Dr. Raffaella Commitante at the fundraiser

Autumn Update 
at OC

Orangutan Conservancy
Provides Emergency Funding to Battle Fires in Borneo

It's never a surprise when fires break out in Indonesia, especially during the dry season, but this year is lining up as one of the worst ever for the vulnerable forests there.

El Nino, the massive weather event that promises the end to drought in the Western US is having just the opposite effect in Indonesia. 

Multiple fires  - the vast majority of which are illegally set - are currently affecting a large area of Borneo, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. 

As such, OC has stepped up our support to again provide emergency funding to help the fire line heroes battle as many blazes as possible.

The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project's (OuTrop) recent appeal for aid was met by OC, and we're committed to being there for this important ecosystem and for OuTrop's research station in the Sabangau forest.

Here's a portion of a recent letter sent to us from Outrop's Managing Director, Dr. Mark Harrison.

"The increasingly dry conditions have now created heightened fire risk throughout the entire Sabangau region. This includes fires spotted along the Sabangau River edge. These fires pose a serious threat to the world’s largest orangutan population in Sabangau, plus the huge number of other wildlife species that live in the forest. In response, CIMTROP Community Patrol Team’s Fire Attack Force has been mobilised to patrol for, detect and fight fires threatening the Sabangau Forest. The team has already fought and successfully extinguished three fires occurring less than 2 km from our main research camp."

Please join the Orangutan Conservancy in this firefighting effort by visiting our donate now page and direct your much needed donation toward this ongoing campaign.

OC Recognizes Diamond Anniversary

We always remind ourselves at OC how much we look forward to that day sometime in the future when our work won't be needed.  Until that day arrives when orangutans are truly safe and free in the wild, not at fear for their lives from the threats of palm oil, logging, mining, hunting and the illegal pet trade, we'll continue that work.

For over ten years we have been honored to work alongside so many committed groups on behalf of orangutans.

Last month OC held our 10th Anniversary in Los Angeles and want to thank all who came out to show your concern for orangutans and to recognize OC's ten plus years of work in conservation.  It was a wonderful evening highlighted by compassionate attendees, great food and our keynote speaker, Dr. Anne Russon of the Orangutan Kutai Project.

Please read more about the fundraiser on our website.




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