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KG: On Saturday it was reported that Gov. Charlie Baker prefers the House of Representatives' version of the noncompete reform bill, which could mean trouble for getting reform passed that actually makes a difference for the Boston startup community.

Dylan: As the State House News Service reported, there are only a few days left in the Legislative session, meaning Baker might have some leverage in negotiating details of the final bill that would cross his desk. We also imagine House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who has championed the House bill, has quite some pull at this point. 

KG: The issue's been getting pretty intense, with the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, another opponent of the Senate bill, saying: "
Efforts to ban the use of non-competes have been driven by a small group of well-heeled venture capitalists who cannot seem to master the idea that if you don’t like non-competes, just don’t use them."

Dylan: Seems kind of shortsighted since the whole idea of limiting or getting rid of noncompetes is to support the entire ecosystem, not just a few companies who don't want them. That's why Bullhorn CEO Art Papas says he still uses noncompetes, because until everyone else gets rid of them, it won't be an even playing field.

KG: A little nerd (ahem) bird tipped us off to this trademark application by red-hot Boston startup HourlyNerd. Word on the street is the nerds are planning a rebrand and if this filing is any indication, its new name will be Catalant.

Dylan: We asked chief nerds Rob Biederman and Patrick Pettiti why they would get rid of such a great company name. They just told us to keep our ear to the grindstone, for now. So, back to the trademark filing, which says Catalant will offer "employment agency services, namely, filling the temporary and permanent staffing needs of businesses." Right now, HourlyNerd is kind of like an Uber for business consultants: It doesn't do anything with permanent staffing needs.

KG: So, that would be new territory, but you can't read too much into a trademark application. We'll tell you what they're up to as soon as we know the full story.

Dylan: Say goodbye to Fiksu and say hello to... four new companies? That's right, after being acquired by California-based Noosphere in June, the company has now been split into four companies, each with their own leadership teams and products. 

KG: The four companies combined still have around 100 employees like the once IPO hopeful had before the acquisition happened, and they are all hiring. Read more: 
Following Acquisition, Fiksu Is Splitting into 4 New Companies

Dylan: So you might have heard that a little company called Yahoo is getting acquired. Big news for a company that helped me build my first websites at a young age (RIP GeoCities). At last count, the company had around 100 employees in Boston, including the new Accessibility Media Lab, and it sounds like they're staying put for now.

Dylan: Current, GE's energy services startup, just announced this morning that Bruce Stewart (pictured) will join the Boston team as its chief marketing officer. He was previously CMO and senior vice president at Constellation Energy

KG: Current got its start here in Boston last fall before GE even announced that it would relocate its HQ to the city. Gotta keep an eye on what they end up doing.

Dylan: MITX is holding its Ecommerce Summit today, so if you missed out on that, I'd suggest holding out for the Boston Housing and Technology meetup that's happening tomorrow at General Assembly. Find the best tech events in BostInno Approved.

Dylan: In tribute to Yahoo's amazingly influential but flawed run as an early internet company, here's a gif you might have found on a GeoCities site back in the day. 

KG: Long live Skull Trumpet, you ol' troublemaker.

Dylan: Gonna cry rn.

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