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KG: While there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the United States, President-Elect Donald Trump continues to make false claims that the elections are "rigged." So what's one to do to restore trust in the electoral system for those who believe him?

Dylan: For Clear Ballot, a Boston-based startup, the answer is better hardware and better software. Or in the case of jurisdictions that aren't even using electronics, the introduction of said hardware and software. Here's what Clear Ballot's ballot processing system does: it scans every ballot and then finds any ovals on ballots that have questionable marks. Those questionable marks are then organized onto a grid on a single-screen so that voting officials can examine them and determine who the voter was intending to vote for. Some states are using Clear Ballot's system to audit their election results, including Vermont, which has been live-tweeting its audit today.

KG: Avi Rubin, a computer science professor at John Hopkins University, told Fox 45 News in early November that states like Maryland, which is also using Clear Ballot to conduct an independent audit, can fight against claims of widespread voter fraud by having a voting system that uses paper ballots and by conducting audits. If only Trump could get that message. Read more: This Startup Is Helping Fight Against Trump's False Voter Fraud Claims

Dylan: Speaking of holding our government accountable, MuckRock — the Boston-based nonprofit that helps people make public records requests — has acquired the technology and assets of FOIA Machine, a similar service.

KG: Following the theme of Giving Tuesday, DoneGood  a Cambridge-based startup whose tech tools help consumers buy from businesses committed to altruism — announced a new app and browser extension with national reach. Read more: 'DoneGood' Launches a Chrome Extension to Let You Shop Online Ethically

Dylan: Font Awesome, which provides icons for people making websites, is on the final stretch of its Kickstarter campaign and they've crushed their crowdfunding goal of $30K. With $833K committed, Font Awesome has vowed to make their product open sourced if they hit $1M. Read more: A Cambridge Tech Startup Has Raised $833K on Kickstarter

Dylan: GE Ventures has hired Lisa Suennen as a managing director. She was previously a partner at Psilos Group. Advanced Cyber Security Center, a nonprofit which promotes the cybersecurity industry in Massachusetts, has named Michael Figueroa as executive director.

KG: Last but not least, Rapid 7 just hired Imprivata's former CFO, Jeff Kalowski, for the same role. Congrats to everyone. 

KG: Last week we wrote about how difficult it can be to hire a diverse team of engineers because the talent pool is #somale and #sowhite. Amy Morris-Clark, front end developer in Boston had this to say about it. "Companies need to have more Junior positions available. There is a group on Facebook called Tech Ladies, and several of them are in the same situation that I am in. They have completed a bootcamp or some other sort of training and are looking for a Junior position to start with but there are only a small handful of those available. There are TONS of positions for senior developers. There are diverse, smart, talented people who want to join the tech world but the 'senior developers only' thing prevents that. Companies could increase the diversity in their ranks if they were willing to take some juniors and help them develop professionally."

Dylan: In honor of #GivingTuesday we are highlighting a few charitable efforts around the Boston tech universe.

KG: 1) TUGG kicked off their largest fundraising campaign ever. Aiming for $1M by March 30. Jeff Fagnan is personally matching any donations to TUGG up to $25k today. 2) Paul English has joined Pledge 1% Boston and will commit at least 10% of his stake in Lola to be set aside for giving back to communities locally and globally. 3) Mike Troiano — with help from EnglishSarah Hodges, Dave Balter, Bob Hower, Brent Grinna, and Aaron White — started to help protect those who will be impacted most by Trump's administration. 

Dylan: As for events tomorrow, we will recommend MITX's After Dark meetup at Criteo's Boston office, which I covered for an Office Envy story a little while ago. Find more events in BostInno Approved. 

Deb Hordon, SVP of leadership strategy for Bullhorn, wrote a guest post for us titled The Power of Not Knowing: "The power of not knowing allows you to be authentic, open a rich dialogue, become mutually interdependent with talented team members, and co-create something greater than you could’ve developed alone. As a result, not knowing makes you a humble, graceful, confident, and powerful leader with an amazing culture."

KG: Back in January, we told you that healthtech startup Wellist was sewing up a $2.2M round that included Norwest. Looks like our information was a little off: Digging up info on Wellist for our round-up of 50 on Fire healthcare finalists, we discovered that the investor is actually Christina Miller (pictured), a principal at Norwest, who invested as an individual in what we have confirmed was an all-angel seed for the co.

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