Master Contract with Wisconsin DOT

MTJ Engineering, LLC was recently awarded a new two-year on-call Master Contract with the Wisconsin DOT for traffic engineering associated with modern roundabouts, feasibility analysis, design, peer review, public outreach, in-service safety and operational reviews, and field layout work. The MTJ Engineering Consultant Team has been selected to provide breadth and depth of experience and excellence in WIDOT project delivery to meet a wide range of project needs from intersection safety analysis to PSE delivery as well as assistance with any aspect or component of your project delivery that may best serve your needs.

The MTJ Engineering Team provides the following services:
  • Traffic Engineering, Analysis, Feasibility
  • Concept through Final Design and Design Review
  • Corridor Planning/Feasibility
  • Business Access Analysis
  • Transit/Freight Movement Design Accommodations
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Design and Accessibility
  • Signing, Marking, Lighting, Landscaping
  • Public Outreach / Visualization / Education
  • In-Service Safety Evaluations and Improvement recommendations
Mark T. Johnson, P.E. has 18 years of traffic and transportation engineering experience together with 16 years of modern roundabout experience. Marks practice is focused on traffic engineering, traffic and roadway planning, and engineering issues associated with modern roundabout evaluation and application.

MTJ partner firms included on this Master Contract provide depth and breadth of services to serve WIDOT project and program delivery needs:

Craig Donze, P.E. of One Source Consulting has 15 years of experience providing urban and rural roadway design and construction engineering services on WisDOT, city, and county projects. Craig and Mark have successfully integrated their strengths to provide high levels of consistent review and design delivery to WisDOT for the past four years. Craig provides:
  • Vertical Geometric Design and Reviews
  • 3D Geometric Design and Corridor Modeling (AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 & 2012)
  • OS/OW Accommodation Reviews (AutoTurn Pro 3D v8.1)
  • Drainage and Grading
  • Plan Production

Richard Coakley, P.E. of CH2M HILL brings experience and familiarity with WisDOT major freeway, interchange, and bridge projects. Rich worked with MTJ Engineering to conduct traffic analysis and preparation of the 30% plans for the Wrightstown Bridge Project which included MTJ designed roundabouts on each side of the bridge. Richard's experience includes:
  • Traffic Studies
  • Crash Analysis and Safety Improvements
  • Contract Plans
  • Surveying
  • Construction Observation

Dan Dupies of CH2M HILL enables the delivery of a broad range of skills and services as an environmental planner. He has successfully lead environmental documentation efforts for a number of WisDOT projects including US 14/61 and US 18 in the Southwest Region and the Wisconsin Rapids Area East Arterial Feasibility Study in the North Central Region. Dan provides:
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Public Involvement Components
  • Early Investigation of Potential Locations
  • EA Level Issue Mitigation

The experience and expertise of this team allows for an efficient delivery of high quality traffic and transportation engineering and planning services for any work order provided through this Master Contract. Please contact Mark Johnson at 608-238-5000 or to discuss how this team may best assist with your project delivery needs.

State Highway 19 and 113, Waunakee, WI

Image Source: MTJ Engineering, LLC
MTJ Engineering and One Source Consultings Craig Donze, P.E. provided the Wisconsin DOT with modern roundabout expert analysis, review, traffic analysis, and design services including business access alternatives optimization to minimize impacts. A major component of this project was the public outreach effort which called for presentations to the community and public officials as well as 3D visualization of design alternatives. Special attention was paid to recent OS/OW issues and design parameters for large vehicle turning movements. Though a construction date has not been determined, this roundabout was approved for construction in 2011.

Visualizing your project with MTJ

Overcoming doubts about aesthetic, technical, and/or safety choices in engineering designs can be challenging. MTJ Engineering can provide visually rich, informative presentations and full 3-D visualization services to grant your public and affected decision makers the ability to understand and grasp a design's quality and intent.

Graphically illustrative and concise 2D and 3D visuals provide:

  • Easily understood graphical representation of proposed plans.
  • Accurate representation of impacts.
  • Valuable tool for public understanding and involvement.
  • Communication with participants whom are unfamiliar with technical drawings.
  • An opportunity to visualize aesthetic choices.
MTJ Engineering utilizes modern 3D visualization technologies and techniques, combined with 17 years of traffic engineering experience, to provide presentation, concept, and analysis materials of high quality at a competitive rate which are grounded in sound engineering principles. Visualizations can include differing levels of detail from a sketch of a specific element to a rendering of a complete design and it’s surroundings to include full traffic modeling analysis.

What we've been working on...

MTJ Engineering has a proven track record of success with WIDOT projects through the sound application of engineering and design principles to overcome constraints and achieve project goals. Below are some examples of projects that use several roundabouts in series to provide flexible designs to facilitate complex demands:

State Highway 145 Corridor, Richfield, WI

Aerial STH 145

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State Highway 42 and Interstate 43 Interchange, Sheboygan, WI

STH 42 Interchange Photo

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IH-94/County Highway N and County Highway TT, Dane County, WI

Highway N Aerial Photo

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I-94 and County Highway P, Pabst Farms, Oconomowoc, WI

Pabst Farms Aerial Photo

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U.S. Highway 14 and State Highway 138, Oregon, WI

Oregon Roundabout Aerial Photo

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Whether your project must facilitate rural, high speed flows, like those shown above, or more constrained, urban accommodations, like those below, MTJ Engineering can achieve a solution that meets your project needs:

6th and 7th Street, Racine, WI

Racine Roundabout Photo
Photo Source: Wisconsin DOT

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North Avenue and Brookfield Road, Brookfield, WI

Brookfield Roundabout Visualization

More projects and additional information available at!

Mark T. Johnson, P.E. and his company MTJ Engineering is in its 9th year of business.
Mark's experience with roundabouts spans 16 years and he utilizes state-of-the art and proven design principles together with un-surpassed hands-on experience to ensure reliable and safe traffic engineering solutions.
Please give Mark a call to discuss how he can best assist you in your project.  Contact him at (608)238-5000 or via the MTJ website to discuss your project needs and how we may best assist you!

Key Qualifications

  • Co-Author of the updated 2010 FHWA Roundabout Guide (NCHRP 672)
  • Technical Resource to over 100 roadway agencies and consulting firms across the U.S.
  • ITE and TRB Roundabout Task Force
  • Roundabout training delivered to over 500 engineers across the U.S. 
  • Provided Over 380 Design, Review and Peer Reviews in 23 states and 2 Canadian Provinces
"When it comes to roundabouts, MTJ Engineering is our choice for technical expertise.  Mark provides great service due to his ability to quickly grasp the "problem" and strong communication skills.  He listens well and then formulates alternative solutions for our consideration."
- Tom Blust, P.E.
Director, Oakland County Transportation
Oakland County, Michigan

"MTJ's ability to communicate ideas, quick turn-around of design modifications, and technical proficiency made it feel like we had our own in-house design expert."
- Tim Stewart, P.E.
Hurley and Stewart, Inc.
Kalamazoo, MI

"I just want you to know that few things give me a feeling of security as seeing your name on a roundabout as 'designed by'...  You do great work!"
- Minnesota Department of Transportation Engineer

"I think MTJ addressed very well the technical aspects of roundabout design that must be considered during planning and designing stages to ensure roundabout intersections operate safely and carry the anticipated capacity."
- Bill Bremmer
FHWA - Madison, WI

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