dear friends,
i made a newsletter 'cause i want to share some things!

new group blog
i made a new group blog called wait okay, it's a new chapter of the decade-long lovebryan group blog. to me, the concept of a communal group blog is as valuable as it ever was. It serves as an ad-free space to share a series without the limitations and control of corporate social media. you come for your friend’s work and stay for their friends’ work. have a look! screengrab

website update
i overhauled my website a couple years ago, and recently added new sets. screengrab

recently published
i had a few online articles published that i’m excited about.

on monster children: meltasia festival, and the final house of vans brooklyn show with interpol and gang gang dance.

on alt citizen: amyl & the sniffers and johnny marr.
meltasia on monster children
final house of vans brooklyn with interpol and gang gang dance on monster children
amyl & the sniffers on alt citizen
johnny marr on alt citizen

and you may ask yourself, well, how did i get here?
i made this mailing list because i dislike social media and their algorithms. i added many of you from the 43 magazine mailing list, thanks for being interested in 43 for so long. i know that doesn’t mean you want to know what else i’m up to, so if not, please feel free to unsubscribe from this separate list. i may feel slightly sad, but i won’t cry.

thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy.

allen ying
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