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Board approves recommendations
to re-engage public in update

This is the eighth newsletter about shoreline management planning along the Ausable Bayfield shoreline and the first newsletter of 2017. More than 300 people have subscribed to this newsletter and we thank you for your interest.
We thank the shoreline residents and local media who attended the February 16, 2017 Annual Meeting of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) Board of Directors.
As a follow-up to the 2016 special board meeting, in which staff were instructed to provide the Board of Directors with options to re-engage the community in work to update the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) 2000, staff provided a report to the Board at the February 16, 2017 meeting. The Board of Directors approved the Moving Forward staff report, which outlined recommendations for moving forward in re-engaging the public over 2017 and 2018.
The report to the Board of Directors is available for download online at the Shoreline Management Plan page and here at this link:
Moving Forward - Report on Re-engagement Options for SMP
The Moving Forward report offered several tasks and anticipated completion dates.
Staff recommended the following first five tasks be approved:
 1. Respond to those who provided specific technical or process questions in the comments and that have not already been dealt with. This may require a response from outside consultants. Anticipated February to April 2017.
2. Engage a coastal engineer to update the document Considerations for Shore Protection Structures 1994, including providing direction for information required to accompany applications for shore protection to ensure that the shoreline ecosystem and processes are not impacted and negative impacts on other shoreline properties are not created. Staff recommend that a proposal be requested from Baird Coastal Engineers (who authored the original report) for completing this work and this information be provided at the March 2017 Board meeting.   
3. Post all comments and replies to the website. Anticipated by April 2017.
4. Dissolve the current Steering Committee and thank them for their service during early engagement on the project and technical work and invite them to continue to participate in public engagement opportunities which take place through 2017 and 2018.         
5. Arrange for presentations to the Board by consultants and/or staff on climate change, coastal processes, recession rate updates, and shoreline protection. March to May 2017.
The Board also asked staff to present again after implementation of these recommendations.
The report also outlined public engagement opportunities including hosting two open houses, likely in June of 2017. Details regarding the date and locations of these open houses will be shared once arrangements are made.
The approved Re-engagement Options report is available on the Shoreline Management Plan SMP web page at
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