This newsletter is to let you know that the second of two professionally-videotaped presentations, on local shoreline management topics, has been posted online. This news update is also a chance to remind you of the two upcoming public information open houses taking place on two Saturdays in June of 2017. Thank you.
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Development of Policies and Procedures for Shore Protection Structures along the ABCA Shoreline

New video shares presentation on shoreline protection structures
Coastal engineer presents to Board

Coastal engineer Fiona Duckett, M.Sc., P. Eng., of W. F. Baird and Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd., presented to the Board of Directors of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) at the board’s regularly-scheduled meeting on May 18, 2017. The presentation was videotaped professionally and the video of the presentation is now posted online on YouTube. 

A link to the video is found by clicking the image above, and at on the Shoreline Management Web Page, and at this link:
To play videos of either of the two presentations, please visit this link for the: shoreline management web page.

Two presenters at public open houses

Coastal engineer Fiona Duckett, of Baird and Associates, and Dr. Robin Davidson-Arnott, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph, to present at public information open houses

Coastal engineer Fiona Duckett, M.Sc., P. Eng., of W. F. Baird and Associates Coastal Engineers Ltd., and Dr. Robin Davidson-Arnott, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph, are scheduled to present at two public information open houses to be held in June of 2017.

The first open house is June 3 in Zurich. The second open house is June 17 in Thedford. The open houses run from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. noon. Presentations begin at 10:30 a.m. The open house in Thedford is at the Legacy Recreation Centre Hall, 16 Allen Street. The open house in Zurich is at the Zurich Arena, 15 East Street.

The 2017 open houses provide information on the existing plan and current policies as well as an update on the progress of technical work for future updates. (The review of local development policies contained in the SMP 2000 is not expected until 2018, according to ABCA.)

Fiona Duckett presented to the Board of Directors of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) at the board’s regularly-scheduled meeting on May 18, 2017.

Robin Davidson-Arnott presented to the April 20, 2017 regular board meeting on the topics of shoreline processes, climate change impacts on the Great Lakes, and shoreline protection.

Their presentations were videotaped professionally and a link to the videos are posted at on the Shoreline Management Page at this link:
Baird and Associates produced a Considerations for Shore Protection Structures document in 1994. The firm is updating that report this year.

In her presentation, Duckett outlined some existing types of shore protection structures such as seawalls, revetments, beach nourishment, offshore breakwaters, groynes, and ad hoc structures.

Shore protection structures are considered development and a permit is required, she said. The speaker said that shore protection structure designs should be developed on a site-specific basis, within the overall framework of the Shoreline Management Plan, by a qualified Coastal Engineer. Structures that are not designed by a coastal engineer are more susceptible to failure, she said.

The presenter said there is a need to consider the types of potential impacts on adjacent properties in cases where shore protection structures are considered. If not designed properly, shore protection structures could, in some cases, remove sand from the ‘sediment budget’ and impact shorelines and properties downdrift, she said.

Prevention is the preferred approach, Duckett told the board, and that includes locating buildings landward of the natural hazard limit and observing hazard setbacks. If shore protection is considered for some existing properties, it is a “last line of defence” for properties located in the natural hazard zone, lakeward of the natural hazard limit.

The presenter spoke to the board about the need to provide direction on applications for shore protection to ensure shoreline ecosystems and processes are not impacted and that negative impacts on other shoreline properties are not created. Referring to the Provincial Policy Statement on Natural Hazards (2014), she said development cannot result in adverse environmental impacts and can’t create new hazards or aggravate existing hazards. It must happen with protection works standards and access standards. Also, people and vehicles must have a way of safely entering and exiting the area during times of flooding, erosion and other emergencies.

About the Shoreline Management Plan

ABCA’s current Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) has been in place since 2000. It identifies shoreline hazards for flooding, erosion, and dynamic beaches and their impact on shoreline development. The Conservation Authority started a process in 2015 to update technical information to support updates to the 2000 SMP document.

Updates to the Shoreline Management Plan will provide a consistent and up-to-date guide for development and municipal land use planning along the shoreline, according to the ABCA. Updates will provide newer information on shoreline recession rates, ensure that local policies and application of the Regulation conform to Province of Ontario policy, and keep policies current in light of emerging land use trends. 

To learn more about shoreline management in the watershed visit the Shoreline Management Plan Update web page online at at this link:
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