Jeremy Lin chimes in on Growing Up Asian in America!
Check out winning art & essays, and interviews from the awards party. 

Bay Area Students Build Bridges Between Their Asian and American Identities

          With the Golden Gate Bridge celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, we asked students entering our 17th annual Growing Up Asian in America art and essay contest to explore bridges that have been meaningful to them—whether real, physical bridges, or symbolic bridges that connect important parts of their lives and help them cross through challenging journeys.
          Many students told us about their struggles with identity, whether they've just arrived from Asia and are negotiating what it means to be American and Asian, or whether they're multiracial kids trying to reconcile each side of their heritage. They have built bridges by memorializing a coffee table, regaining the use of their legs, mending broken relationships, singlehandedly cooking a Thanksgiving feast, and experimenting with ancient musical instruments. Their journeys are as diverse as their cultures, but many have arrived at similar destinations: a place where they don’t need to choose one side over the other, but are at peace standing right where they are—in the middle.
          This year, over 1,400 K-12 Bay Area students submitted artwork, essays and poems to compete for $27,000 in prizes. Exhibits of the winning entries are hosted by 50 public libraries throughout the Bay Area from May through February 2013. You can also see the winning entries HERE!
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