We are thrilled to welcome three impressive leaders to our Board of Directors.  

Introducing the Newest Members of Our Board of Directors

We are delighted to announce the addition of three new members to our Board of Directors: Huifen Chan, Tom Cole and Michael Yoshikami“I am honored to welcome these distinguished individuals to our Board,” said Emerald Yeh, Chair of the Asian Pacific Fund Board of Directors. “Huifen, Tom and Michael each bring a unique perspective to our work and share an impressive commitment to serving our community." We hope you enjoy learning more about each of them below. 

A scholarship to study in the United States opened up a new world of possibility for Huifen Chan and her family. Huifen grew up in Singapore, and because of that generous award, was able to study computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. She helped put both her brothers through college, went on to earn an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, then founded and sold an online bridal commerce business. Philanthropy is a cause very dear to Huifen’s heart. From her own experience, she knows that it has the power to change the course of one's life. 
“I identify deeply with the Asian Pacific Fund’s mission to turn the chance good fortune my family enjoyed into everyday events through focused funding, scholarships and awards.” - Huifen Chan

Tom Cole is Managing Partner for CSC Venture Capital, which is a new venture capital firm he started on behalf of CSC Group, one of the largest private equity/venture capital firms in China. Prior to his role at CSC Venture Capital, he was the CEO of Beau-coup, the premier online retailer of party favors, gifts, supplies, and decorations. Previously, he was a General Partner at Trinity Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm where he spent a decade investing in leading-edge technology and new media companies. In addition to his thriving career, Tom has made time to give back to the community, including serving as Board Chair of the Glow Foundation, working with the admissions committees of Yale College and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and volunteering with the Asian Pacific Fund.
“Having been involved with the Asian Pacific Fund for 20 years, I have had the opportunity to witness the invaluable work the organization does for the Asian and Pacific Islander community. I am so grateful for the existence of the Asian Pacific Fund, without which the API community would lack needed visibility and support for the important issues facing it, and I’m thrilled to be able to support it directly with my time and resources.” - Tom Cole

Michael Yoshikami is the founder and CEO of Destination Wealth Management, a money management firm that he has led since 1986. Michael is also a CNBC Contributor, providing investment commentary for CNBC U.S., CNBC Europe, and CNBC Asia. Michael has been philanthropic throughout his career, supporting causes across the globe. He also founded the KeKokua Foundation, which supports and fosters charities that provide socially responsible educational services, advocacy, and supportive resources to the community.
“I decided to join the board because it’s clear to me that this is a group of volunteers firmly committed to the principles of serving others less fortunate than many of us. The sincerity and kindness of the people, combined with the mission of the Fund, was just a perfect fit for me and my value system.” - Michael Yoshikami

Huifen, Tom and Michael join our current Board of Directors:

Emerald Yeh (Chair), Journalist
Andrew Cuyugan McCullough (Treasurer), General Counsel, Syufy Enterprises
Nelson Ishiyama (Secretary), President, Ishiyama Corporation
Laura Ching, Co-Founder, Tiny Prints
Kathy Chou, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations, Informatica
David Chun, CEO & Founder, Equilar
Peter Y. Chung, Managing Director, Summit Partners
Andrew Ly, President & CEO, Sugar Bowl Bakery
Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., President & CEO, Samurai Surfer LLC
Satish Rishi, CFO, Rambus
Leo Soong, Co-Founder, Crystal Geyser Water Company
Jerry Yang (Board Member Emeritus), Co-Founder, Yahoo!

Huifen Chan
Managing Director,
YongHeng Partners
Tom Cole
Managing Partner,
CSC Venture Capital
Michael Yoshikami
Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Destination Wealth Management
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