Ellen was successfully treated for breast cancer
News from Bob and Ellen
An encounter with cancer
Dear Friend,

We last wrote back in May of last year. In June Ellen was called back for a follow-up to a routine mammogram, and in July we received the dreaded news that cancer was indeed detected. And so we added the term "Invasive Lobular Carcinoma" to our vocabulary.
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As a consequence, for the last 6 months our lives have been somewhat different. Ellen had to cancel several trips for AIM and family as she went through treatment.We spent many hours visiting various doctors, surgeons, and specialists. Many of you know this already and have been with us through this time with your encouragement, help, and prayers. It is impossible to express just how much your care has meant to us.

The great news is that after surgery and six weeks of radiation treatments there is no trace of cancer discernible in Ellen. Evaluation of the two small tumors yielded a low enough risk of recurrence that chemotherapy was not prescribed. Ellen will be on a prescription medicine for ten years and have mammograms every 6 months. We are so grateful to God for the healing and for the wonderful, caring medical treatment she has received.There are many stories of the detailed ways that God provided during this time, from just the right people to fill in for Ellen's work responsibilities to almost all medical bills being paid!
Ellen celebrates the end of radiation treatments
Celebrating the end of radiation treatments

We also thank God that her treatments finished in time for us to enjoy Christmas and New Year's in Michigan and Cincinnati. Grandchildren are very therapeutic!!

This Year2015 finds us getting back to a more normal (for us!) life. Ellen was in Peachtree City mid-January and we will both spend the month of February in Africa. During that time we will participate in an ECHO Symposium, two AIM conferences and Bob will travel to South Africa to advise at the ECHO research farm there. And then Ellen is scheduled to stop in Peachtree City for an AIM Connect Week before returning home from Africa!

For Prayer
  • Successful treatment of Ellen's cancer
  • Two more grandchildren in 2014
  • Wonderful time over the holidays with children, in-laws, and grandchildren
  • The priviledge of serving God through AIM and ECHO in 2015
  • For you and all of our marvelous friends
  • No side effects to the medicine Ellen is taking (so far, so good)
  • Safe travels
  • God's guidance for our service and interactions in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and Peachtree City, GA
Again we can't thank you enough for your love, support, prayers, messages, cards and friendship. May 2015 be a good year for you and your family.

With our love and appreciation,

Bob and Ellen Hargrave
PLEASE NOTE: our e-mail address has changed
Old -- behargrave@aimint.net
NEW -- behargrave@aimint.org
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