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Educator in the Workplace 2020

Reclamere Team 1.21.20

Reclamere was happy to host, for the second year, Educator in the Workplace. Educators in the Workplace is a hands-on opportunity for educators to spend a day (4-6 hours) at a place of business to connect their subject area with the challenges, new technologies, and use of academic skills and knowledge. Reclamere’s goal is simple – partner with the education professionals in the community to help better prepare students with the life skills necessary to gain employment, seek out additional education, or even create a business. Public-private partnerships can be one solution to bridging the workplace challenges of the 21st century.

Why Every Organization Needs an Incident Response Plan
Kacy Zurkus | 8.2.19

OK, perhaps that's obvious. The question is, how come so many organizations still wait for something to happen to trigger their planning?

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What does the end of “extended support” for Windows 7 mean for my home and office?

There are options available to keep your current operating system without serious security risks, but they may be more expensive than upgrading.

On 22 October 2019, the Windows 7 operating system celebrated its tenth birthday. Originally released in 2009, over the course of its ten-year life Windows 7 became the most widely adopted modern operating system, even after the follow-up release of Windows 8 in 2012. It owes its reputation for stability and security in large part to Microsoft’s continued support, through frequent downloadable updates. In January of 2020, though, Windows 7 left the “extended support” period, and there will be no future automatic updates.
Since its original launch in 2009, Windows 7 has been one of the most common targets of viruses and other malware, due in large part to its broad success. Windows 7 users have benefitted in the past decade from Microsoft’s consistent updates, which were sent out to patch up any newly discovered vulnerabilities. Without regular updates, Windows 7 will become less and less secure as time passes, and more exploits are discovered by malign actors.

Windows 7 Enterprise and Professional edition users have the option of extending their software lifespan by contacting Microsoft to enroll in their Extended Security Update (ESU) program, but the per-device fee will increase every year. 2019-2022 ESU add-ons for a single Windows 7 Professional license will cost $350. Over the three-year ESU period, many companies might end up spending more than the cost of new devices and licenses, without the added benefits of upgraded hardware.

For most enterprise users, purchasing three years of the ESU program would be an inefficient choice from a cost perspective, although shorter-term usage of the program may be helpful during the device and software migration period. 
In the next few articles, we’ll examine some of the choices involved in making that migration as secure, time-efficient, and cost-effective as possible, as well as the major risks (both to efficiency and security) and how to avoid them. The new year brings new challenges with it — and for many companies that may include migrating to new devices and software — but in the long-term, device and software migration is a wise investment.

Reclamere Team | 2.6.2020

Reclamere's new service offering - Secure Document and Product Incineration Service

Reclamere offers secure and confidential product destruction services. All types of companies and organizations can benefit from these services. We have environmentally-compliant and secure destruction methods to manage different types of items and media.

If you require a guarantee that your flawed, obsolete or out-of-date products will not show up on the gray market, destruction is your best option. The safety of your brand is paramount, regardless of the size of your organization.

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