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Stop Lying to Yourself!

Greetings Team Bangs Army!

If you know one thing about me amigos, it's that I tell it like it is, so let's just get down to the nitty gritty. You need to stop lying to yourself. Take some comfort in the fact that we all do it, but then really, stop it. I've heard all sorts of excuses about why people can't run. 'My leg hurts', 'My throat burns when I run outside', 'I've been told I can't put too much pressure on my pinky toe' - oh come on! There are legitimate injuries - and you know when you're legitimately injured - and then there are the times you're just lying to yourself and making excuses because you don't WANT to run.

You can lie to everyone else, but at least be honest with yourself. You're only cheating yourself here anyway. It's no skin of anyone else's nose if you're not running, so why regale them with your excuses? They don't care. Where are these constant excuses getting you? If the goal of fitness is ultimately to feel good, you're standing in your own way by making up reasons not to do it. Then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy - that niggly guilt gets you, when you've bypassed a run and you just end up feeling bad for not going. It's a vicious cycle.

Identify the real reason you don't want to and then you can get on with the business of overcoming that, but weaving this web of excuses sets you on a road to nowhere. One thing that never fails to tick me off are people who claim to be injured, yet never actually seek treatment for the injury, expecting it to just heal itself. Enough with the delaying tactics already! If you are genuinely injured, see someone about it, someone who actually deals with the mechanics of the body: sports massage therapist, physio or an oesteopath. They will locate the problem and give you the best course of action for healing - and most likely, that will involve doing movement of some description.

In an upcoming newsletter, I will have tips from a great sports massage therapist about injury prevention, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Fuelling up!

In order for your body to perform at its best, you have to be fuelling it with the right things. Exercising then shoving just any old thing in your face is completely counter productive. So, it's time to start thinking of your body as a machine - what will make that machine run best? Yes, you will have to make sacrifices, yes you may have to introduce things into your diet you haven't eaten before but if you want results, that's what you do. You either want it or you don't, you decide how badly. I will just say this though - if you want to see physical results with your body, the reality is it comes down to 75% diet, 25% exercise - think about that for a second. It's an unavoidable aspect of living a healthier life - and believe me, I'm speaking as someone who struggles with it. I'm also speaking as a former broccoli hater, turned avid broccoli consumer, so it can be done!

Anyhoo, I had a sit down with Rosie Millen last week, otherwise known as Miss Nutritionist and she's given me some tips to forward on to you guys. We're starting with energy tips, 'cause let's face it, you ain't gonna get out the door without that. Here's what Rosie says:

"Balancing your blood sugar levels is key to maintaining your energy levels. If you can keep blood sugar levels on an even keel throughout the day you are more likely to have better energy levels."

Top tips for balancing blood sugar levels (and have loads of energy)

    •    Eat little and often. Avoid large meals. Don’t skip meals!! Especially not breakfast (4-5 times per day = 3 meals and 1-2 snacks)
    •    Eat protein at every meal and snack – especially breakfast.
    •    Eat low sugar (low GI) foods such as wholegrains every day as opposed to refined foods such as white bread, cakes, biscuits etc
    •    Eat fresh vegetables at least twice daily
    •    Eat fresh fruit twice daily (but not all day)
    •    Reduce or avoid cigarettes, coffee & tea, & drink water during the day
    •    Eat slowly, not quickly
    •    Avoid all processed veg fat (trans fats) & fried food
    •    Exercise for 30 mins daily (e.g. brisk walking)
    •    Take effective supplements such as chromium, magnesium, cinnamon and 5HTP (Serotonin).

Check out Rosie's website for more handy tips -

So that's it for this edition. Oooh, one more thing: go for a run on Christmas Day or Boxing Day - stop looking at me like I'm nuts! Festive running is awesome! There's no one around - you can run in the middle of the road if you want! (I mean, don't do that, I'm just saying, you know, you could...but don't). Why wait til the New Year to start your running? Stop putting it off, get out there now and clock up some miles.

And with that, I bid you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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