November 2013 Edition
  Thanksgiving is almost here — a day which for many of us means a carousel of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie. Before you sit down to dinner this year, here are five ways you can help others access food and services. 1) Spread the word about SnapFresh. SnapFresh is a text-message and mobile web app that helps people find places nearby that accept food stamps, now known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. more >
  Let's do even more in 2014: Support Code for America's Annual Campaign
by Ashley Meyers

The frustration surrounding the launch of has made it more clear than ever that the digital interfaces to government are critical — and that there’s an urgent need for citizens to lead the way, bringing new talent to solve our shared problems.  


Momentum on Procurement Reformn
by Abhi Nemani
What’s Really At Stake in Better Interfaces to Government
by Tim O’Reilly
How Boston Is Building the
of Public Schools

by Nancy Scola
Book Review: Beyond Transparency
by Susannah Vila
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2013 @codeforamerica Fellowship completed.

@danavery >

The 2013 Fellowship year at Code for America has ended. Over the past two weeks, we have transitioned apps, transitioned partner relationships, and celebrated accomplishments. We have reflected on the year, on the program, and on the lasting impacts that the Fellows have had on local government. Now it is time to say a huge thank you to our local government leaders — all of whom welcomed Code for America into their Cities and Counties — and to the Fellows that dedicated a year of their life to tackle some of this country’s most pressing challenges. more >

As the day of Thanksgiving approaches, let's take a minute to stand up and say thanks to all the men and women who volunteer their spare time and energy to finding and creating new ways to enhance their communities: the Brigade Captains and members. This Thanksgiving we cheers to you and all that you do. Recently, Business Lexington, cast a spotlight on the good work of the Open Lexington, and its fearless leaders: Nick Such and Chase Southard. Take a look at the article. read >
  Peer Network

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we give thanks to public servants in the Peer Network whose work makes a real difference in the cities they serve. One such individual is Mark Leech, the Application Development Manager for the City of Albuquerque, N.M. He’s been leading the City’s open data initiative, ABQ Data — which, since launching in June 2012, has resulted in a reported $180,000 in 311 call center savings from releasing often-requested transit datasets. more >
  Peer Network

Last week marked the official end of the 2013 Code for America Accelerator. Over the course of the Accelerator, the innovative civic entrepreneurs crafted and launched new strategies, increased revenue, streamlined their sales funnels, and joined the national conversation about government and civic technology. The Accelerator concluded with a Startup Showcase, featuring presentations by each startup as well as a discussion of trends in the civic startup sector, now available to watch online.  read >
  Charles M. Benavides // Mickie Davis // Forest Frizzell // Rachel Hamilton* // Mark Headd // Dan Ivovich // Ben Sheldon // Takeshi Doi // Josh Tauberer

*Rachel Hamilton's donation matched in full by the Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund

Special thanks to the supporters of the 2014 Fellowship in Lexington, KY:
Ben Askren // Bingham McCutchen LLP // Blue Grass Community Foundation // Churchill McGee, LLC // John Cirigliano // John and Donna Hall // Debra Hensley’s Social Stimulus // Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau // Warren Rosenthal // University of Kentucky // Chris Young
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