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Christmas is on its way!

On behalf of everyone at TriEx, we want to wish you and your team a very Merry Christmas. This has been an astounding year for TriEx, with the opening of our second Auckland health clinic in South Auckland, and our first Wellington health clinic in Petone, as well as the launch of Psychological First Aid with much fanfare during Mental Health Awareness week.

In this months update, we have our Christmas closedown dates and what this will mean for you. Due to the disruption the summer period brings we have plenty of Discounted Lifesaver Workplace First Aid specials coming up. You can read more on that below. 

This year we have talked a lot about Mental Health in the workplace and how important it is to speak up about mental wellbeing. This month we have included some information about "The Five Ways to Wellbeing" -  a toolkit from the Mental Health Foundation with resources you can implement in your workplace. We also have five Psychological First Aid courses coming up. You can see the schedule below to book your course now.

Every year TriEx likes to give back to a worthy cause. This year TriEx are getting involved in the Uplift Project for our Christmas giving. Learn more about what this is and how you can donate below.

Enjoy the read, and Merry Christmas! - The TriEx team.  

In this issue

Christmas Closedown

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Asbestos Sentencing

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Lifesaver Special

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Wellbeing at Work

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Uplift Project

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Flu Season 2018

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Christmas Closedown

The team at TriEx will be taking a break this Christmas and New Years. Our closedown dates are as follows.

  • Friday December 22 2017 we will be closed for business from 3.00pm.
  • Wednesday January 10 2018 our Christchurch team will be available from 8:30am to take all bookings and Christchurch pre-employment assessments will also be available from this date.
  • Monday January 15 2018 we will be returning to full operation from 8:30am.

If you need any assistance or clarity around our opening times and your appointments, feel free to call us on 0800 4 TRIEX (0800 487 439) or email


Asbestos Sentencing

A small business in Timaru has been fined $10,000 for failing to follow correct asbestos removal procedures. This error of judgement stems from a failure to test the building for asbestos prior to demolition. 

This case highlights the importance of having an asbestos survey undertaken by a competent person and implementing an asbestos management plan. WorkSafe are reminding businesses and property owners that a negligent approach to removing asbestos not only puts you at risk but also those around you.

To read the full story and learn how TriEx can assist you with meeting your obligations under the asbestos regulations, click here.


First Aid: $99 Lifesaver Specials

Our Workplace First Aid Lifesaver Specials are a great way to bring your teams First Aid skills up to scratch at a reduced price.

We offer Lifesaver Specials for numerous reasons, like when there’s a short week due to a public holiday. Whatever the reason, the Lifesaver Special is our Workplace First Aid course at $99, rather than the usual $154.

Lifesaver Specials are exactly the same as our regular Workplace First Aid courses – the same duration of 8 hours, the same content and quality of course delivery, and you get the exact same qualification, just at a reduced price!

With the Christmas and New Year break coming up very shortly, we have a significant amount of Lifesaver Specials occurring in December, January and February.

Click here to learn more and see our upcoming Lifesaver Special schedule.


The Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work

Mental wellbeing is one of the most valuable business assets. Workplaces that prioritise mental health have better engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity, while people have improved wellbeing, greater morale and higher job satisfaction.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work is a toolkit put together by the Mental Health Foundation, including information and fact sheets for you to integrate the Five Ways into your daily routine and workplace. The Five Ways to Wellbeing are proven to help people find balance, build resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing. These are: 

  • Connect: Strengthening relationships with others and feeling close to and valued by others, including at work, is critical to boosting wellbeing.
  • Give: Carrying out acts of kindness, whether small or large, can increase happiness, life satisfaction and general sense of wellbeing.
  • Take Notice: Paying more attention to the present moment, to thoughts and feelings and to the world around, boosts our wellbeing.
  • Keep Learning: Being curious and seeking out new experiences at work and in life more generally positively stimulates the brain.
  • Be Active: Being physically active, including at work, improves physical health and can improve mood and wellbeing and decrease stress, depression and anxiety.
To download these resources click here

Have you ever thought about how you might approach someone experiencing emotional distress in the workplace? TriEx recently launched Psychological First Aid: Mental Health Awareness, Response and Support.

We have 5 public courses scheduled this summer: 

  • Friday December 8
  • Wednesday December 20
  • Tuesday January 30
  • Wednesday February 14
  • Friday February 23

You can book a public course using our online booking site here. For Private courses, call us on 0800 4 TRIEX (0800 487 439) or email


Uplift Project

This Christmas, TriEx are getting involved with Uplift Project. For women in disadvantaged communities a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. This project collects new and second hand bras and sends them wherever they have requests.

In many regions, second hand bras are cheap enough, but rarely available. A new bra, if available at all, can cost 10-30 hour’s wages. This puts many women around the world at a significant disadvantage and impacts their quality of life. 

"In the Solomon Islands it is quite difficult to access a comfortable bra. Some of the second hand shops sell bras but mostly women have to buy their bras from the Chinese Trade Stores. These bras have some problems; they come in smaller sizes, are made of nylon and perish quickly in tropical conditions. You cannot buy maternity bras or mastectomy bras in country. For the women to be given free bras is an unbelievable experience for all of them. Women feel a tremendous obligation to meet the needs of their families, and so for any woman in the village to spend money buying a bra for herself can almost be seen as an unforgivable sin. The priority for women's spending is food and education needs of children."

- Rose Wale, 2012, Report of Bra Distribution, Solomon Islands.

If you'd like to be involved, TriEx have set up a collection in our reception for you to drop in your unwanted bras, to be collected and sent to the Project who will then send them off to those communities who are in need. 


Flu Season 2018

2018 is a significant Influenza milestone, as it will be 100 years since the Spanish Flu Pandemic which killed 50-100 million people worldwide. We have come a long way since! 

For the 2018 Flu season there is a move by the Ministry of Health to Quadrivalent vaccinations only, which offers the broader protection against the 4 most common strains of the flu (compared to 3 flu strains covered by Trivalent).

What does this mean for you? Better protection for your team against the flu!

Keep an eye out for our 2018 flu packs early next year. If you do not receive our flu information email us here to receive your pack next year.


Workplace Training Calendar

Download our full training calendar here.
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Meet our team

Kylie Ackroyd

Administration Support

Kylie has been with TriEx for a few months now in a temporary role in reception, but she now has stepped into a permanent full time position as our Administration Support. You can read more about Kylie here.

TriEx News Bites

Does your sunscreen work?

Consumer NZ recently ran a study to see if certain Sunscreens actually performed at the SPF rating they were labelled as. The Consumer watchdog tested 17 sunscreens, including some "Natural" sunscreen products.

Of the 17 products tested, only 9 met the SPF promises on the label.

The results were sent to all the companies, which resulted in the two "natural" sunscreens being pulled from shelves.


You can read the full results at in the story here.

AECTP Conference

Recently our First Aid and Psychological First Aid trainers attended the Association of Emergency Care Training Providers (AECTP) conference in Wellington. 

This years conference was very thought provoking and informative for our trainers. A big emphasis at the conference this year was on suicide prevention and the need for training in this area. 

This is very validating for our First Aid team, who have put tremendous work into bringing Psychological First Aid to the market.

You can learn more about Psychological First Aid here.

Refurbishment or Maintenance?

WorkSafe NZ has released a technical bulletin to clarify the difference between maintenance and refurbishment in the context of regulation 19 of the Health & Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016, which require businesses to identify asbestos or asbestos-containing materials before demolition or refurbishment work is carried out. Maintenance or other minor work is not covered by these regulations. 

To see the full technical bulletin about the different between Refurbishment and Maintenance, click here.

HSNO Act Reform

Since 1 December 2017, the regulations for managing hazardous substances have been modified to further protect New Zealanders from harm. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and WorkSafe New Zealand work together to ensure these substances are managed safely.

If the hazardous substance in your product was approved for use before 1 December 2017 your product will remain approved, with the same approval number, until that approval is legally reissued.  

Hazardous substances approved for use after 1 December 2017 need to comply with all the Notices immediately. ​​

To read about the new changes made to these regulations, click here

Industry News


Site Safe 

Safety Liaison Groups

The minutes for the Wellington Liaison Group are located here. The next meeting date is on December 14.

The minutes for the Southern Liaison Group are located here. The next meeting date is on December 14.

For venues and contacts, please click here



New Zealand Institute of Safety Management

The Canterbury branch events are available online and you can visit their page here. The next Canterbury Branch Meeting is on December 12

The Auckland branch events are available here including the Auckland Branch Christmas Function on December 7.

The Wellington branch events are available here including the Wellington Branch AGM on May 15 2018.
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