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Hands up if you are all sorted for the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) which became law on April 4. Fantastic if you are under control but if you are not - do not stress - we have included a lot of useful information in this newsletter and we are here to help you if need be. Remember we offer training too - from first aid training, to asbestos awareness training to health and safety training - more information is included in this newsletter.

Keep safe - from the TriEx Team

Our flu vaccinations are underway

Our nurses are ready, the flu fridge is full and the bookings are rolling on in! The earlier your company books in for flu vaccinations, the better protected your team will be. Don't delay - get your booking form in to us now!

Important note about our annual health assessments availability: During April and May, TriEx is heavily involved in delivering flu vaccinations in Christchurch and Auckland. Due to this our bookings relating to new annual health assessments may be extended out to May/June for some clients. We appreciate your understanding with this. We are still taking bookings, new enquiries and are available for health assessment advice.

Please visit our website if you would like to know more information about our flu vaccination process. This year we are offering both the trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccinations. Feel free to download our Frequently Asked Questions information sheet here. Our clinical team are only too happy to help with any other queries you may have - contact details are below.

Our flu booking form is available here or visit us at for more information. If you wish to speak with one of of our flu team — please call us on 0800 FLU JAB (0800 358 522).

Understanding the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA)

There is a lot of information circulating in regards to the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, which came into effect on 4 April 2016. The new law aims to reduce the number of serious work-related injuries and deaths in New Zealand by at least 25 percent by 2020. Some of the information circulating is not altogether helpful so we are going to help by guiding you towards the most helpful and relevant information for your company.

WorkSafe NZ's CEO - Gordon MacDonald - recently released a message: Calm Down and Keep Safe — MacDonald says, “there have been clear health and safety workplace duties for over 20 years, many of which are being carried over to the new legislation. HSWA does not mean a whole new list of risks has to be managed – risk management has always been part of workplace health and safety.” Click here if you’d like to read his full message.

HSWA Regulations - what do you need to know?
The majority of the first phase of regulations to support HSWA have been now been finalised and came into force on 4 April 2016, along with the Act. The regulations, supported with information and guidance from WorkSafe NZ, are intended to support businesses (particularly small businesses) to understand what they need to do to comply with the general duties of the Act. These can be found on WorkSafe NZ's website here.

Useful links relating to the H&S Act
1. WorkSafe NZ -
have a lot of information on their website and particularly helpful is the frequently asked questions page. They've broken down the questions into various sectors, including general FAQ's, PCBU's and schools. There is also a great section on their website specifically for businesses.

2. Site Safe - have released a Small Business Guide or click here to view their website.

3. Ministry of Education - have a chart on their website showing 11 key components of an effective health & safety system. They also have information specifically for Early Childhood Educators and Board of Trustees. You can view their website here.

4. Institute of Directors - have included information on their website about the responsibilities of directors. You can read about it here. Additionally you can download the new Health and Safety Guide: Good Governance for Directors.

5. ACC - have produced an information sheet on how HSWA will impact on ACC incentive products. You can view the document here

WorkSafe NZ have a handy option on their website for you to subscribe to the updates you'd like to hear about - including HSWA - check it out here.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your HSWA queries, via or 0800 487 439

HASANZ — Health & Safety Association of NZ

The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) is the umbrella organisation representing workplace health and safety professions in New Zealand.

TriEx is proud to be affiliated to HASANZ be being members of the NZ Institute of Safety Management (NZISM), NZ Occupational Health Nurses Association (NZOHNA), and NZ Occupational Hygiene Soctety (NZOHS) who are all members of HASANZ.

If you are engaging a health and safety professional at your workplace, always check they are right for the job by asking the following questions first:

  • Which professional association do you belong to - can you confirm this?
  • What qualifications and/or certification do you have?
  • What relevant skills and experience do you have for this job?
  • Can you give me examples of similar work you have done recently?
  • Are you happy for us to contact your clients about your work for them?
We assure you that TriEx meet the criteria of all the above questions. Additionally, three of our TriEx team are involved in the committees of these associations: 
  • Steph Hembury - Safety Advisor is a committee member of the NZ Institute of Safety Management.
  • Karen Woolf - Clinical Nurse is treasurer of the Canterbury Branch of the NZ Occupational Health Nurses Association.
  • Ruth Pratt - Occupational Health Nurse is secretary of the Canterbury Branch of the NZ Occupational Health Nurses Association.

Asbestos Training — BOHS standards

We are proud to announce that we have successfully gained international accreditation from the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), to deliver internationally recognised asbestos surveying, and asbestos management qualifications throughout New Zealand. BOHS asbestos qualifications are currently the only asbestos surveying and management qualifications available in New Zealand.
Who are BOHS?
The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) is one of the biggest and most respected occupational hygiene societies in Europe, and the only professional society representing qualified occupational hygienists in the UK. The Faculty of Occupational Hygiene within BOHS develops and maintains the professional standards of occupational hygienists, the faculty is also the only UK examining board for professional, postgraduate qualifications in occupational hygiene.

Read more here about our Asbestos training courses including:
BOHS IP402 – Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings (4 day course)
BOHS IP405 – Management of Asbestos in Buildings (5 day course)

Please contact Craig Newsome, our Asbestos Technical Manager, via or 0800 487 439 if you would like to know more about these courses.

Child & infant first aid course (4hrs)

Our Child & Infant First Aid course is perfect for home-based educators, parents, grandparents, babysitters and caregivers and those who have responsibility for young children under 6 years. This course is priced at just $65.00 incl GST. We still have spaces available on our next course, running on Saturday April 16th from 8:00am to 12:15pm, at our training room in Sydenham.

Book your child & infant first aid course here now, or call us on 0800 487 439

EQ Consultants Ltd - smart HR & business solutions

EQ Consultants partner with organisations to ensure they retain, or achieve, leadership in their respective industry. Their experience in Recruitment, Human Resources, Management Consulting and Leadership Training gives organisations the advantage they need so their organisation will thrive. TriEx is fortunate to have worked closely with EQ Consultants for a number of years, receiving excellent results and service each time.

If you require human resource consulting or assistance in recruitment, Anita Dazzi would be keen to chat with you. Anita joined the EQ team after achieving a Graduate Diploma in HR Management at CPIT. Anita’s commitment has been rewarded with CPIT’s Business Top Student awards in Organisational Behaviour and Contemporary Issues in HR Management.

You can read more about Anita and the rest of the EQ Consultants team. Anita can be contacted directly via or  (03) 366 4034

Reminder about excavator safety

A timely reminder to all companies who own excavators to be using quick hitches safely. WorkSafe NZ have produced a quick fact sheet entitled Using Quick Hitches Safely which you can download here.

Hose burst protection valves must be fitted to all new and used hydraulic excavators with an operating weight of 7 tonnes or more after 1 January 2016.

To contact one of our safety team for further information, please call 0800 487 439 or email

WorkSafe NZ's Latest Prosecutions

Company director given home dentention
The director of Waikato company Steelcon Construction Limited, Rodney Bishop, has been sentenced to four months home detention over the death of a worker who died after he was buried when a trench he was working in collapsed. Read the full WorkSafe media release here.

Fruit & vege processor fined over finger amputations
In a reserved decision released 7 March 2016, Prepared Produce Limited was fined $196,406.25 for six offences and ordered to pay $57,000 in reparation to three victims. The fruit and vegetable processor pleaded guilty to three charges under the Health and Safety in Employment Act. Read the full WorkSafe media release here.

APRIL 2016

Flu Vaccination Update
Our 2016 flu vaccination season is underway!

Understanding the H&S at Work Act
Helpful advice and links

Health & Safety Assn of NZ (HASANZ)
Ensure H&S professionals you are engaging are members

Asbestos Training - BOHS Standards
New international accreditation for our asbestos training courses

Child & Infant First aid Course
Saturday course available in April

EQ Consultants - smart HR & business solutions
Learn more and see if EQ Consultants could help you

Register here to receive a monthly TriEx Training Calendar email

This comprehensive one day course is essential for those who may come into contact with asbestos as part of their daily work activity.

Learn more about the course or contact us via

What you need to know about being a H&S Rep (2 days)

Learn more about the course or contact us via

What you need to know about H&S as a Manager (8 hours)

Learn more about the course or contact us via

(RF) = Refresher First Aid
(WP) = Workplace First Aid
(C&I) = Child & Infant First Aid
(WPS) = Workplace Special Price

APRIL 2016
Tue, 12 April (WP)
Thu, 14 April (WP)
Fri, 15 April (RF)
Sat, 16 April (C&I)
Tue, 19 April (WP)
Thu, 21 April (RF)
Fri, 22 April (WP)
Tue, 26 April (WPS)
Thu, 28 April (WP)
Fri, 29 April (RF)

MAY 2016
Tue, 3 May (WP)
Thu, 5 May (RF)
Fri, 6 May (WP)
Mon, 9 May (C&I)
Tue, 10 May (WP)
Wed, 11 May (RF)
Fri, 13 May (WP)
Tue, 17 May (RF)
Thu, 19 May (WP)
Fri, 20 May (WP)
Mon, 23 May (RF)
Thu, 26 May (WP)
Fri, 27 May (WP)
Mon, 30 May (WP)
Tue, 31 May (WP)

Remember, we also offer on-site first aid training specific to your workplace — please visit our website here for further information.
Book now

Health awareness events and appeals calendar

The above dates have been sourced from the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Website and Toi Te Ora Public Health Service

What's happening in Auckland...

Northern Safety Liaison Groups

If you require a copy of recent NSLG (civil or commercial) meeting minutes, they can be conveniently found on the Site Safe website here.

2016 dates for the Civil NSLG meetings are:
Wed, 4 May
Wed, 6 Jul
Wed, 7 Sep
Wed, 2 Nov

2016 dates for the Commercial NSLG meetings are:
Wed, 13 Apr
Wed, 8 Jun
Wed, 10 Aug
Wed, 12 Oct
Wed, 7 Dec

For venues and contacts, please click here

Check our the latest events for the Auckland branch of NZISM here

Have you seen WorkSafe NZ's new TV Adverts?

WorkSafe NZ have released a TV advert with a powerful health & safety message about returning home from work safely, each and every day.

WorkSafe says: The Home Time campaign is built around WorkSafe’s vision – that everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe. It is designed to raise awareness about health and safety, and challenge Kiwis to make our workplaces safer and healthier for everyone.

If you haven't seen their new TV advertisement, you can view it here
Also, you can read here about the Home Time campaign.


Elaine Williams — Health Logistics Manager

Elaine has recently joined our team as our Health Logistics Manager. As she has a lot of experience working with health practitioners, she will be a big asset to our team.
Read more about Elaine here

Also new to our team is....
Katherine Harrison — Occupational Health Nurse

Katherine has recently joined our Auckland team as an occupational health nurse. She will be assigned to some of our Auckland contract clients and pre-employment assessments in our rooms. Her extensive nursing background will be very beneficial to her new role with us.
Read more about Katherine here

The Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter latest newsletter is available to view here

Topics included in the newsletter are:
  • Safety spotlight
  • Graham’s view
  • Charter News
  • Welcome Aboard
  • ACC Data update
There is a new Safety Charter video which is excellent - you can view it here

All Right?'s latest newsletter is available for viewing here. Read about their changes and latest research on Cantabrians.

Monthly funny


Some lighter humour from Aussie comedian Dave Hughes - check out his take on what tradies would never say. Enjoy the video here
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