ETS | Energy Thought Summit 2015
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Taking a quick break from
ETS@chicago to share that Direct Energy today launched the second phase of Direct Your Energy, which includes the first-ever online dashboard detailing customer usage according to the appliances and products in their homes, as well as showing weather patterns, home comparisons, temperature set point overlays, personal alerts and recommendations, and much more.

"At Direct Energy, success means our customers are empowered with the knowledge to use less energy," said Manu Asthana, president, Direct Energy Residential. "Would you buy a bag of groceries without knowing what was in it? Just like you get a receipt that shows you how you spent your money, Direct Energy now features a new user experience that will help our customers better understand exactly where their energy is being consumed. This is unlike anything else currently available in the market today."

Videos showing each feature of this new dashboard are online:
Direct  Your Energy
Direct Energy Unveils First-of-its-kind Itemized Electricity Usage for Residential Customers
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