March 15, 2019 . Harriot and Handbags: Weekend Inspiration.
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Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander
Guess what? 
Harriot starts shipping this month! Yay!
How is it that the release seems like it was so long ago and yet it was also just yesterday? With the shipping of Harriot upon us, I'm thinking I'll highlight some bags this week, and we'll highlight a little something else next week.

This week has been one where I feel like I'm finally coming up for air after making it through some big deadlines last week. It's been a game of checking in with things I've missed as well as starting the steps for the things that are moving forward next. In many ways, it's felt like a clean slate this week, and I've liked it. 
How has your week been?

Happy Friday,
Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander
Harriot Bags and Pouches ... There's been a bit of bag sharing on the blog, and with my newest fabric Harriot shipping this month, I thought I'd put together a little Harriot bag recap.
Harriot Cargo Duffle
Harriot Finch Bucket Bag
Sew It All Pouch in Harriot
Harriot String Bag
Harriot Finch Bag
Two In One Pouch in Harriot
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3 | 4
5 | 6

1. Harriot Cargo Duffle (free pattern by Noodlehead)
2. Finch Bucket Tote (pattern by Stitch Mischief)
3. See It All Pouch (pattern by Aneela Hoey)
4. String Bag (pattern by Green Pepper Patterns)
5. Finch Bucket Tote (pattern by Stitch Mischief)
6. Two In One Pouch (pattern by Aneela Hoey)
Wait, weights! ... Robert Kaufman posted this super helpful guide to the different weights of the yarn dyed wovens in the collection. There are 4 different weights total, and here's the cheat sheet.
Harriot Yarn Dyed . Carolyn Friedlander
From heaviest to lightest ... and since the oz number can be hard to understand in terms of actual feel--to me at least!--I've highlighted some of my own personal thoughts and projects.
Harriot Yarn Dyed . Carolyn Friedlander
Harriot Yarn Dyed . Carolyn Friedlander
Harriot Yarn Dyed . Carolyn Friedlander
Harriot Yarn Dyed . Carolyn Friedlander
1 | 2
3 | 4
1. (7.5 oz) This is the meaty number that I've used to make pants, the outer fabric in my Wiksten Haoris, the background on my Hunt Harriot quilt, and so much more. It's got substance, but it's also super soft and very useful. I have so many more plans for this one.
2. (4.8 oz) This design has the loosest weave, and so SO incredibly soft. I've used it for many things including paper piecing (the paper provides great stability for a looser one like this), bags, a Mercer Tunic and other accessories. The drape and softness is so appealing that I've secretly been dreaming of making a pair of PJs with this...
3. (4.3 oz) Of the 4 weights, I've found this one to feel the most familiar to quilting cotton. It's super stable, not too thick and not too thin. Use it for everything--including punched up linings (in a jacket) or in pieced quilts and sewn accessories. I've been using this one a lot.
4. (2.9 oz) This is the lightest and most wonderfully delicate--but not too delicate. It's a great blouse-weight (see my Archer Popover, which I wear ALL THE TIME), it's easy to paper piece with and it makes a wonderful lining (see many of my Harriot pouches, the lining of my first Wiksten Haori, etc...). Like #2, I've been dreaming of using this one too to make a decadent pair of summer PJs. And more quilts...I keep working that useful grid into things.  
Harriot Fabric . Carolyn Friedlander
Liberty and Harriot Everglade Blocks
Tiny Treasures Basket in Harriot
Harriot Archer Popover
Wiksten Haori Short
Mercer Tunic in Harriot
Tangelo Quilt in Harriot
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